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  1. Ignorant Republicans fall back on making a big deal about such things when they don't have anything else to criticize about her. I guess Rudy Giuliani has the best shot at being elected president. Giuliani might be appealing to Democrats since he is quite liberal as far as Republicans go and allegedly he still is his party's favorite, isn't he? Also, John McCain seems to be back on track, but I still see Giuliani leading the race. I doubt Mitt Romney stands a chance, he is too much of a flip-flopper and the other candidates don't appear really appealing so far. Still, I doubt the GOP will win this election, too much went wrong over the past couple of years. As far as Hillary and Obama go, I guess Hillary is the more experienced politician and Obama the more progressive. Haven't made up my mind yet who would do a better job.
  2. Is there even the tiniest chance that this is a rumor? Allegedly, the CIA could have prevented 9/11 (under Bush mind you) and yet they didn't...rumors, rumors, rumors. Anyway, there seems to be very little doubt that Bush is the most pathetic president in the history of...the universe? He is a moron who plunged the US in an illegal war (funny how on the one hand some undercover agent once - allegedly - had the chance to blow Osama's brains out and yet the CIA seems unable to tell whether or not Iraq had WMD's, that just makes no sense) sacrificing thousands of soldiers...for what? Oh, and on the note of supporting the troops:
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  4. Ok, so why on earth do you want to discuss it? If not to change the server rules this topic is utterly pointless. You cannot be serious. Now you compare jumping on a truck to using a glitch? Come on, you have to admit that that argument holds no water. Besides, if you go into the woods right next to the tower you cannot go "under" the map or shoot through walls etc. It is exactly the same as with the roof, how can anyone possibly fail to see the connection. Roof = hard to reach, cannot go under the map, cannot shoot through walls, cannot walk "behind" enemy base Woods next to tower = yadda yadda yadda
  5. Not everyone knows how to get there and frankly it's not that easy. If we allowed this glitch to be used we'd have to tell every single new player how to get there. Why are we even discussing this, I recall that the glitch issue was resolved two or three years ago with the outcome that NO glitching whatsoever will be tolerated. I'm really going out on a limb here, some might even call it a stretch, but do you think it is even remotely possible that the map creators did not put stairs in there simply because they didn't want anyone to go up there? It's not at all different from going into the woods next to the towers...
  6. The "gay men hump everything" is silly since, as KNIX already pointed out that applies to almost all men, not just gays Not to sound sexist, but whose fault is it then?
  7. True, but then again that suggests that the person in question is (was born) bi-sexual. About the depression thing, maybe if homosexuality was accepted as "normal" (whatever that is) less people would suffer from depression caused by their sexuality?
  8. 1. I expressed my opinion on this topic in several posts, but I can give you the short version: Homosexuality is not a choice. Why I think that? a) gay people told me that they didn't chose to be gay why would anyone want to invite hate, humiliation and social marginalization into his or her life? c) there are people who actually suffer from depression, because they can't accept their sexuality (being gay) d) why would a senator go to some gay-toilet-meeting-place-thing and jeopardize his reputation if he had a choice not to do so? (this is in no way meant as an attack) Of course, this is my opinion and you should feel free to disagree, but if you do, please make some sense and don't waste my time with your incredible far-fetched arguments that defy all logic. 2. Checkmate, you got me. 3. I never said you shouldn't post, but whether I ignore your posts or not is entirely up to me. 4. It's still pointless?! 5. Ah, well. Ok, I am getting sick of my 1., 2., etc
  9. 1. Spare me the bad energy crap. I am mocking you, not being angry. 2. There's no reading between the lines in a discussion. If you are unable to express your opinion clearly then that's not my fault. 3. If you don't want to be quoted, don't post. 4. I was merely pointing out that your apparent obsession with anal sex has nothing to do with granting gay people the right to marry, adopt, etc. 5. Sarcasm is great.
  10. Apparently the script is already done and imdb says the movie is in pre-production! The truth is out there!
  11. You are quite caught up in your "the liberals were sent from hell to stick foreign objects up your butt", aren't you? Stop acting like a sullen, homophobic redneck, it's silly. Since that is no argument, I'll just turn it around and say: There aren't many heterosexual groups that are involved in AIDS activism and yet many heterosexuals have AIDS. Maybe it's the lack of activism that should be appalling? On that note, in Germany we have this huge ad campaign, it's been going on for years now and it tells everyone (I perceive the campaign as more heterosexual oriented) to use condoms to prevent HIV infection. I can totally imagine this 17 year old, insecure boy, who suffers from ridicule every single day who goes like "Hmmm...I wonder how I can invite even more hate and humiliation into my life!" What a great choice, isn't it? There are people out there who are gay, but don't want to they have a choice, too? I wonder if anyone of the "gay is a choice"-people ever thought about that. This has nothing to do with granting gay people the right to marry, etc. What happens in the privacy of their own bedroom is none of your damn business. Furthermore, there are plenty of heterosexual people who like anal sex. You are by far the funniest person in this thread (Sorry, Knix)! I really am amazed by your posts and I wonder how you come up with this stuff. I guess you've seen it on TV and as we all know: the telly never lies. For a straight guy that hates homosexuals you sure seem to see a lot of gay sex. I suggest stop surfing the internet for gay porn. But yeah, I mean homosexuals cannot procreate so we should just stick them into a dark cave (no pun intended), like 10 miles underneath the ground. While we're at it we should also lump all the unfertile people in there, too, since they aren't able to procreate either. Ah, heck, let's just whack all the retards in there, too. Hm, and why stop there, also put all the blacks, latinos, asians and whatnot down there as well, since they are in the way of the advance of the white race. Oops, I kinda got carried away...well, maybe not in your eyes. (Oh i know stupid and unfair use of *HYPERBOLE*, but at least it was fun to write )
  12. Actually that is a picture of Heatman and not sugsen Anyway, I obviously (?) started this topic in order to remember the day that quite literally changed the world and cost thousands of lives. Whether the USA had it coming or not is irrelevant for this topic. I suppose 9/11 is bound to not be remembered as vividly as it has been in recent years, which is understandable considering that people want to move on. Still, not to remember at all deprives the day of all its meaning.
  13. "Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door." - Saul Bellow Remember the moment and cherish the selfless heroes, for they devoted themselves to the highest virtue of all - compassion.