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  1. Caip

    NOLF2 & CJ Complete Soundtrack

    Nice! Good job
  2. Caip

    Spax and Nines' Column

    Ding Ding Ding! The next haiku will be dedicated to Bella, congratulations! Wow, JJ, thanks for teh haiku. Alas, your haiku is 5,5,7 and not 5,7,5
  3. Caip

    Spax and Nines' Column

    Groundbreaking many say. Risky and pretentious say others. However, sometimes new ground has to be conquered and doors have to be kicked in not giving a damn what the world thinks! That's why we - the witty and beautiful Nines and Spacko, along with me - agreed to collaborate and let the schools clash. Classic meets Progressive in a meta-haiku which tries to inspire and teach you the art that is haiku. We dedicate it to Alexa and Goo because it is our conviction that only they will fully appreciate it. Still, we challenge others to dive in and seek enlightenment. We hereby vow to dedicate a haiku to the first person (that is not Goo or Alexa) who comprehends its utter complexity. fIRST iN vULTURE'S eYE sEE eVERY vERB eVERY nOUN fIND iTS vERY eNDT.
  4. Caip

    Coke Zero???

    I agree, it's just wrong...not hot wrong...regular wrong
  5. Caip

    Spax and Nines' Column

    My next haiku is dedicated to JJ: zebrs like ornge zest (is) what a monkey has is a bnana
  6. Caip

    Spax and Nines' Column

    To show my gratefullness to Spax and Nines my first 2 Haikus for this column are dedicated to them: To Spax: peass r smll nd green cucmber is lso green ornges r not To Nines: the wtch is dd (ha!) the rabbt gnaws her toe (ha!) nevrmor (ha! ha!)
  7. Caip


    I wonder why Americans always (like ALWAYS, I mean seriously, come on) take offense and then tell us (Euros) that we wanna be just like you. Guess what - we don't!
  8. Caip

    US Presidential Election

    Ignorant Republicans fall back on making a big deal about such things when they don't have anything else to criticize about her. I guess Rudy Giuliani has the best shot at being elected president. Giuliani might be appealing to Democrats since he is quite liberal as far as Republicans go and allegedly he still is his party's favorite, isn't he? Also, John McCain seems to be back on track, but I still see Giuliani leading the race. I doubt Mitt Romney stands a chance, he is too much of a flip-flopper and the other candidates don't appear really appealing so far. Still, I doubt the GOP will win this election, too much went wrong over the past couple of years. As far as Hillary and Obama go, I guess Hillary is the more experienced politician and Obama the more progressive. Haven't made up my mind yet who would do a better job.
  9. Caip


    There are tons of stupid, senseless and ridiculous topics in this forum and all out of the sudden you guys care? I guess it's just a coincidence that the topic starter is KG... How's being smug working out for you guys? Everyone with at least half a brain won't believe that you didn't mean to attack KG anyway... P.S.: I know, I know, I'm wrong...
  10. Caip


    I agree...why people feel the need to start yet another fight is beyond me
  11. Caip

    US Presidential Election

    Is there even the tiniest chance that this is a rumor? Allegedly, the CIA could have prevented 9/11 (under Bush mind you) and yet they didn't...rumors, rumors, rumors. Anyway, there seems to be very little doubt that Bush is the most pathetic president in the history of...the universe? He is a moron who plunged the US in an illegal war (funny how on the one hand some undercover agent once - allegedly - had the chance to blow Osama's brains out and yet the CIA seems unable to tell whether or not Iraq had WMD's, that just makes no sense) sacrificing thousands of soldiers...for what? Oh, and on the note of supporting the troops:
  12. Caip

    New Tag

    He is an old school nolfer...
  13. Caip

    The Russian Rampage roof glitch

    Ok, so why on earth do you want to discuss it? If not to change the server rules this topic is utterly pointless. You cannot be serious. Now you compare jumping on a truck to using a glitch? Come on, you have to admit that that argument holds no water. Besides, if you go into the woods right next to the tower you cannot go "under" the map or shoot through walls etc. It is exactly the same as with the roof, how can anyone possibly fail to see the connection. Roof = hard to reach, cannot go under the map, cannot shoot through walls, cannot walk "behind" enemy base Woods next to tower = yadda yadda yadda
  14. Caip

    The Russian Rampage roof glitch

    Not everyone knows how to get there and frankly it's not that easy. If we allowed this glitch to be used we'd have to tell every single new player how to get there. Why are we even discussing this, I recall that the glitch issue was resolved two or three years ago with the outcome that NO glitching whatsoever will be tolerated. I'm really going out on a limb here, some might even call it a stretch, but do you think it is even remotely possible that the map creators did not put stairs in there simply because they didn't want anyone to go up there? It's not at all different from going into the woods next to the towers...
  15. Caip

    The Happy Birthday thread

    ...with his grandma? Anyway, Happy Bday