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  1. rookie

    nolf 1 The best times to find online players are: - on Sundays, between 4pm and 5pm (USA EST) - on any day, between 10pm and 11pm (USA EST)
  2. rookie

    How to Add Qtracker Gamespy servers for NOLF1 server list.

    A "new" way to join a NOLF server: via my Nolf Status page. I have just added the possibility to join by clicking the server icon. All customizations are considered (REZ files to load). No need to edit hosts file. No need to leave CD in drive. No need to use no-cd crack. You need to "prepare" your computer first, which is easy and explained in the How to Join tutorial.
  3. I don't understand what you mean by "Old_NOLF" and "NOLF" folders.. After you install NOLF, you should have one and only one installation folder, usually named No One Lives Forever, usually inside a folder named Fox, and you should have one icon in your desktop to start the game, a shortcut to the file NOLF.exe. I run the server "The Funny Branch" and as far as I know it is working fine. You do need to have the REZ file with the custom maps set up to be able to join this server since it runs only custom maps. You can find the REZ file in many places, included, but I also have it available in my "Notes" page (find the link in the first section: "Custom Servers"). I also have just finished my NOLF Server Status page, a way to know if there is anyone online playing NOLF. It is meant to be view in smartphones... Oh, also, I suggest that,if you have not done it yet, you do the "host file modification" as explained in the qtracker website. You do not need to add all those lines to your host file, just add two of them, these ones: and you are good to go, which means you will be able to see all NOLF servers from inside the game itself, no need for a 3rd party application to join.
  4. qtracker lists your server because qtracker gets its information from GameSpy server. When and if GameSpy goes down, qtracker will no longer lists your server unless you use one of the methods to add it to qtracker master server. I am using qtracker and I plan on keep using its master server when and if GameSpy goes down, since I run my servers in my own computer and I have access to the host file. I have even made a mapshot pack for qtracker that covers the maps that I use. This is a screenshot of my server being accessed remotely. Note how cute qtracker is ...
  5. rookie

    NOLF 1 Low Frame rate in Windows 8.1

    Speaking of windowed mode, I recently learned how to use it (+windowed 1) but when I try to use it (Win7 64bit) it works, I have the game in a window, but the mouse almost doesn't work, I mean, it works but extremely badly. I have tried hardware cursor setting OFF to no avail. The cursor/mouse works fine if I am in any menu but once I am in the game, mouse movement is extremely jerky making the use of the windowed game impossible. Any fix?
  6. rookie

    Server Maps -update

    A player called *Djamba taught me a way to control the speed of those projectiles. I was able to 'fine-tune' the speeds of rockets, grenades and arrows to what I call "designed speed", i.e., the speed the NOLF coders wanted them to have.
  7. rookie

    Server Maps -update

    Did you find a way to lower the speed of "things" in NOLF? Although my servers are fine, if I knew a way to speed it down a little more, I would do it. There is this server that I can't even pronounce its name, I think, and I noticed that it has even lower speeds than mine (and I read it runs in Linux!). For instance, when I go to the pool in THE PAD, the oxygen last longer than if I do the same in my server, which, IMO, makes sense because, for instance, when I set the time for a map change to 60 minutes, my servers will change the map after around 40 minutes, which proves that "things" are still accelerated in my servers. I'd like to find the sweet spot where the server would change/rotate the maps every 60 minutes if it is set to 60 minutes. This would bring the speed of "things" to its designed values. I do like rockets, arrows and grenades a bit slower, makes the fight much funnier and fair, since these weapons are already too powerful and if they are too fast, it becomes totally unfair against the other weapons.
  8. rookie

    Server Maps -update

    I use a mappack that you can find here: but I think there is one even newer (and bigger) - from 2009 - but I can't find it in my old files. A few of the maps in this big mappack are buggy but most are ok. Since we can have only 50 maps rotating in the server list, there are plenty of good maps to choose that are not buggy. I chose to run mostly the smaller and brighter (not dark) maps. But it is rare to see people joining to play the custom maps. Well, but the reason I am posting this is about your server, your NOLF server. It has a problem, IMO. The problem is that rockets, grenades, arrows are too fast, almost instantaneous. Everything that depends on time seems to be too fast. For instance, if you dive in water, your oxygen will ran out too fast too. So you can't take a dive in The Pad's pool, which is frustrating because sometimes it is too hot and I need to swim there a little to cool down. Also, instantaneous arrows, grenades and rockets. They spoil my ability to dodge them. I don't know exactly why this problem happens but I believe it happens when you run the NOLF server in a 64-bit environment. When I tried to run my servers in my new computer (64-bit Windows 7), I had the same problem. I then created a virtual machine with 32-bit WinXP in it to run the servers and it DID NOT solve the problem. That made me fix my very old computer (Pentium III), that runs a REAL 32-bit Windows XP and the servers now run fine.
  9. rookie

    Beating NOLF single-player mode in 1h 18m 16.5s

    I remember spending weeks playing NOLF for the first time, listening carefully to all possible dialogs, laughing alone in my room, trying to be stealthy as much as possible. THAT was fun. BTW, of course I played it in Superspy mode. I never tried the easier modes.
  10. Dunno if something similar has been posted here but these are the in-game songs played in NOLF single player. These are "original" files, meaning, I created them (not the songs, the files) many years ago. In Chrome, if I click a music link, it will start playing right away in the browser. It may not be the same, depending on the browser and settings. You can always download the file and store it locally, if you want.
  11. rookie

    I have a question

    You are absolutely right that people SHOULD read the terms. But, in my almost two decades of internet and forum participation, I can tell you that I 99% of the time do not read any terms. I just assume they are fair and reasonable and wise. Yours is fair, reasonable but not wise. My fault, indeed, but I still keep my opinion. The MOD for playing NOLF should be unrestricted. Anyone that downloads it will be such a fan of NOLF that he or she will return to this forum to place a "thanks", at the minimum, and you will have your post.
  12. rookie

    I have a question

    I just played with ego-itsme and he told me I need only one post to "unlock" the download. OK, so it is not that bad after all, but then change the message from "you don't have the necessary number of posts to download" (or something like that) to something like "please, say hello in a post and your download will be possible". Make sure newcomers realize they need only one post to download the MOD, or make the MOD an exception with zero post needed. Something like that. Anyway, I am an avid participant of forums, I have participated and participate in countless forums along my time in the internet (since 1995!), so it is not about posting, I can post, I can discuss, I like it, it is about the restriction to something that in my understanding should NOT be restricted in anyway. Anyway, it is your forum, your site, your MOD so you do as YOU think it is right. I keep my opinion though. As for costs of running server and site, I have right now an exclusive machine, a Pentium III 733MHz that was my best buddy from 2000 until 2005, then I kept using it as a secondary machine and it finally failed (hard disk failure) a couple of years ago. For these two years, it has been sit broken in my basement. A few weeks ago I decided to fix it just to run NOLF servers (as I once ran) because I found that running NOLF servers in my new computer was "weird", rockets, arrows, grenades, time itself were too fast, spoiling my ability to dodge them ). So I fixed it, using old parts (I build all my computers) and now it is sit there in the basement but running my NOLF servers only, it uses 55W of energy, 24/7, should cost me around 10 dollars a month just to keep it running due to energy costs. So, you see, I am making a huge donation to the community, but in another way, by running the servers. I don't like the settings in the few servers that run right now, in one of them armors give no health and the other, if I remember right, has fall damage ON (arghhh). So I run my servers with settings that are favorable to beginners, full armor on respawn, strong starter weapon. Well, I will then download the MOD (if ego-itsme is right) and I thank you for it. EDIT: I just looked at my last energy bill and my math tells me that 55W 24/7 costs me about $5 dollars a month, not 10. ;-)
  13. rookie

    I have a question

    NOLF2 is "dead". NOLF will soon be "dead". By "dead" I mean that their master servers are gone or will be gone soon, so we need a MOD to try and play. I know nothing about NOLF2, I don't play NOLF2, I play only NOLF "the original" so so far I have never needed a MOD to play NOLF. Then I learn about the GameSpy shutdown. Then I learn about this site, UnityHQ, that is providing a MOD that would allow us to keep playing NOLF. I think. Great! Let me go there and get the MOD. I sign up. I go to the download section, I try to download and what do I get? "Sorry, you cannot download a file, you don't have the necessary number of posts to download". Then now comes my question: what is the wisdom behind such restriction? Why make it difficult to get a file to play NOLF when, instead, you are supposed to make it easy, or possible, to play NOLF since I would guess there are not many players aware of or willing to use a MOD to play NOLF.. It seems to me like the dumbest thing to do, to force people to post nonsense here just so one can be able to download a file to play NOLF. Regards, Rookie Vee By the way, I am running 4 servers for NOLF at the moment, I was totally unaware that GameSpy was about to shutdown, otherwise I would not have wasted my time, less than a few weeks ago, to fix my 14-year old computer just to run the servers (after a period of around 1-2 years away from NOLF). I have been playing NOLF, on-and-off, since 2007. Why use a 14-year old computer to run NOLF servers. Because I found that NOLF runs much better under the old 32-bit Windows machine than under the newer ones.
  14. Welcome to the forums rookie :)