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  1. Usually Saturday and Sunday, at 09:30pm evening (berlin time), Sunday at 11:00pm (berlin time)
  2. Hallo Everyone, I wrote a little script that shows all nolf1 servers + online players on a webpage: (or if you can keep that adress better in your mind). had also one, but after his nice neat list went down I wanted to have a handy dandy list with an easy overview of players and IP-adresses. Features: - Auto Refresh (every 30s) non-stop - Notification when 1 player comes online (or if set, a 2nd player) The notification is a sound that gets auto-played (make sure that autoplay is activated in firefox+chrome!). In case you are idling in a server, and waiting for a second player to come, you can also set the notification-sound to go off when 2 players are in the same server - so you can continue browsing the internet. You can also turn off all sounds, if you'd like. Link: Edit: I put all links to Nolf Community pages on top of the server status list. Hope you like it! Icepick / John
  3. You really put some thought into it. Broken glass that hurt you is a brilliant thought. However its a long time ago that I played that level, but I believe it was the electrity that hurt you? I think there were some cables laying around and the electrity of that was about to kill you?!
  4. I posted on about different ways of joining a nolf server after 1st August. I also figured out a way how to register my server with URA-Multiplayer programm, but it makes my taskbar on the server quite messy. (3 servers + 3 cmd programms running in the background to keep URA's Server updated).
  5. For other people who find this post from mimi via google: You can download maps for nolf here on, a few on, JAG's-megamappack and some ego maps on Mini_Bathroom is a map made by |eGo|ItsMe
  6. Hoi Eliteone, I haven't tried it yet, but is it possible to put multiple servers and register them via URA's launcher?
  7. Our last straw, QTracker will shut down their Gamespy Emulation Master Server at 1st August 2017. And the Forum is blocked, there QTracker says So the only way to join servers would be via the external programm URA or via So the old fashioned way to join the servers via the nolf menu, won't be possible anymore. I find it incredibly stupid that you cannot even do some kind of petition in his forum, because he shut it down - make in accessible for others to write / retrieve technical help - although I do understand it, I find it still a bit childish. And who else is using QTracker? Counterstrike players? Why should they use an alternative master server?
  8. Max we would be happy to see you in multiplayer as well! Most people are online on saturdays and sundays. Us old people from the ego clan ( are on saturdays online Oh you made me playing the single player missions again And no I dont want your monkey
  9. When you add to many maps into nolf, the last ones gets ignored. (Nolf.exe (dont hit launch) -> Advanced -> Customize -> don't add here too many maps). I have it several times too, I added the maps and I want to join the server, but I get kicked out because I'm missing the map or a .dat file.
  10. Thank you very much for your response, but Eliteone trust me, that hosts file thing was one of the very first things that I did In Windows 10 I can make a standalone server, that one is not visible to qtracker. However if I make a server within the nolf menu (so inside the game) it is visible to qtracker. Standalone Servers on windows 10 are only visible within my LAN Network, one other quirky: the grenade launcher + briefcase-rockets 'fly' faster, and when I go diving my breath and health goes away much faster. How fast: In hydro I cannot reach the briefcase, I die in the pipes. Oh and the intelligence items appear after seconds again. This bug & and the network bug was for me the reason to host it only on WinXP. On WinXP it works immediatly & perfectly! So for (possible others)...don't host it on Win10. At least it doesn't work out for me
  11. Welcome to the community! Its nice to see that that we still get new people Just like you I came via NOLF2 to NOLF1 and I got stuck with nolf1. I hope we will see you someday online? As a far as I have seen it, players are online in the weekend at (US) evening times. In order to see the servers in the multiplayer you have to change the IP of master server which displays all the servers in the menu. Nothing big, but it has big effects for the case you want to play with us
  12. I think its a windows 10 issue. On windows XP it works like a charm. In windows 10 I can only see the server in the internet-list if I host the game from inside the game.
  13. Hi Guys, So the master server is down, and now we are all at QTracker. Inside the game I can see the list of the servers again, but when I want to host a dedicated nolf1 server I cannot see that server in the list or on I tried to run nolfserv.exe with and without compatibilty or admin rights - unfortunatly it doesn't work. When I run the server with the "Server Companion" by URA: this one here... ...I can perfectly see my server in the list. So Port Forwarding and Firewall settings are fine. What am I missing? I know that there already enough empty servers. Why a new server? My siblings found my CD's and since they're bloody beginners I help them by making a higher netintelscore on HvsU. And in the already existing servers I cannot change the points for the intel-suitcases. And for the rare case that IF somebody would come and want to join he can, because he can see the server in the list ingame. Hope that there are still players outside? Greetings John