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NOLF Stranded 1.0

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Stranded2 for NOLF- The information in this html was written for AvP2's Stranded2 that I made. It was featured in PC ACTION magazine in June. This is a BETA of the same map I have converted to NOLF. Consider this: HARM has taken over Stranded and shot down your helicopter when you went to investigate. Armed with only a revolver, you must gain control of the two spider stations (get the power back on) and call UNITY to come get you. The information in these html's will help you. Nevermind anything that has to do with aliens.



Installing Stranded for NOLF- You will need to put the Rts.rez file. the Rts.pcx, and the Rts.dat file in your Custom folder. Either do your Custom (Right Side Add) thing with the rez, or enter this in the command line: -rez Custom\Rts.rez


A *.dat file will show up under the Single Player "Custom Levels" by default in Nolf, if it is placed in the Custom folder. The Rts.rez file holds all the custom textures and sounds in the map. Later on, if anybody wants it, I can add AM and/or DM to the Rts.rez file, and you would simply replace this Rts.rez with the updated one. I'm sorry, but as far as I know, it has to be this way for Return to Stranded to show up as a Single Player game in NOLF without editing the Cres.dll. Deal with it... I don't like people messing with my ATTRIBUTES folder, and I don't like *.exe files for installing. I could make it that way, but there are many people like me that will not download an .exe without knowing what it will do. This map does not alter your NOLF game whatsoever, and does not put any crap in your registry...



Good Luck with this BETA :) I am interested in game play as far as weapons and health are concerned. If you have any suggestions before this weekend or for the future of Stranded, then by all means email me ga_cody@hotmail.com, or leave me a message at the Glue Factory. I'm always checking the NOLF mapping section regulary.





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