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Weapons-02 mod for No One Lives Forever 2


Weapons list

Added: 6 Lightsabers (Bug: PV (Player View) FxED based ImpactFX's)

Added: AK-47 scope

Replaced: AK-47's fire and fireloop sounds

Replaced: Beretta with Gold .357 Magnum

Replaced: Tommygun with P90 SMG

Replaced: Sterling with Micro Uzi

Replaced: Silenced Sterling with Dual Micro Uzi's

Replaced: Micro Missile with RPG-7



Added part of Contract JACK's newer recoil system

Added quick chat keys (50 message limit per map);

F1 = Hi

Shift F1 = RE

F2 = LOL

Shift F2 = ^^

F3 = GG

Shift F3 = GG

F4 = Yes

Shift F4 = No

F5 = Be right back

Shift F5 = Back

F6 = WB

Shift F6 = TY

F7 = Sorry

Shift F7 = NP


Other keys;

F9 FPS counter (can't chat)

F10 None

F11 ScreenShot mode (no HUD (can't see chat))

F12 (Alive = 3rd person (can't shoot))(Dead = Free cam (can't chat))

What's New in Version 2   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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