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How to make a spice rack in Valheim


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The Valheim spice rack was one of the new additions in the Hearth and Home update. Not only did the last major update overhaul the food system, but it also added new cooking stations to prepare the new dishes. The spice rack is a cauldron upgrade, but if you want to go all out, you can make a stone oven to bake bread, too. 

Crafting a spice rack and placing it near your cauldron will allow you to unlock additional recipes for various foods. It doesn't need endgame resources either, though unlocking the recipe can be tricky if you don't know what to look for. Here's how to make a Valheim spice rack to upgrade your cauldron, including the best placement for it.

How to upgrade your cauldron: Crafting a spice rack

The cauldron works fine on its own and can be used to make helpful meads and nutritious soups. If you decide to upgrade it with a spice rack, however, you'll unlock even more recipes.

The spice rack is located under the Crafting tab when you have the hammer selected in the crafting menu. If it's not there, make sure you've "discovered" all of the items needed to craft it.

Here's what you need:

  • Dandelion x3
  • Carrot x2
  • Mushroom x5
  • Thistle x3
  • Turnip x3
  • Workbench

Dandelions and mushrooms can be found in the Meadows biome, though mushrooms generally grow around more wooded areas. You can find thistle in the Black Forest, and it's easy to spot by its blue glow. And finally, both carrots and turnips need to be grown from seeds—carrot seeds are found in the Black Forest (look for white flowers), while turnip seeds are located in the Swamp (yellow flowers).

There are two additional upgrade levels for the cauldron. As well as the spice rack, you'll need the Butcher's Table and Pots and Pans to upgrade it fully. You'll find the materials needed for these as you progress into the tougher areas—namely the Mountains and Plains, respectively.

Valheim spice rack placement

(Image credit: Iron Gate Studios)

Valheim spice rack placement: Where to hang it 

Placing the spice rack can be a little trickier than it might first appear. It needs to be close to your cauldron, which itself requires a fire beneath it, so you're slightly restricted in where you can hang the spice rack.

You can't attach it to a wall either; it needs to hang. The best way around this is to place a beam vertically from the roof—if you have a high ceiling—or horizontally to make a surface the spice rack can be attached to. A well-placed shelf could also work if you can hang it from the bottom.

The proximity to the cauldron is quite restrictive, too. If you're having trouble, try rotating the rack or adjusting the height of the surface it will hang from.

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