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  1. hking0036

    nolf 2

    thanks, glad to be here. i have all 3 games, so ill be everywhere.
  2. hking0036

    nolf 2 I personally uploaded this file gor all of you to see. sorry you have to download it. anyways the ak has a scope on nolf 2 because of this mod, Weapons-05. if you want it, go here: It might slightly change your game though. the Weapons it adds: Micro Uzi-Gordon Dual Micro Uzi M82A1 p90-mime mg weird gold revolver 5 lightsabers, 3 electrify, 1 burns, and 1 does some other thing. Scopes, etc. Gives Ak scope gives beretta scope AND silencer in every level Thats It!
  3. hking0036


    i know i have a topic in Nolf 1, but.. how do you take screenshots?
  4. hking0036


    Ho do you take screenshots on nolf? Also, how can you turn your lighting up on nolf and nolf 2? because in nolf 1 i was in training and i can usually do it without the flashlight at all, but i couldnt do it Whith it! the guy who said try again made me jump, and i wasnt going back, so i punched him. XD
  5. i tried to get it, but it said it wasnt on the servers. how should i get it? Me is new here