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  1. Thank you, now i am in the water mission with the sharks, i have sometimes framedrops, use the newest ati driver and win10. Vsync is by me always on, all maximum in ati driver by global settings, not morphological filter that make the texts unread. it set maus smoothing on maximal, and frame rate target control 200 FPS. hope this will help.
  2. just love you, i know the game 2000 i play this i mean through. last week i play to the Palm Island. i come clear there is an walkthrough from Hinsten on youtube, when i didnt something know i look in this.
  3. Ok i found the Last, sorry i musted ask why i have read by google that somebody have the same problem, and can not found the Last charge.
  4. there are only two charges in this berlin mission not three? What should i do now?
  5. i don,t play and use new things with account.
  6. played to train mission, no crashs. win10 eng goty. My Monitor is an benqxl2420t, very beautiful monitor 144hz. graphix card is an msir9290x gaming 4gb. i have an 2 years old very bautiful pc, phanteks enthoo luxe white with look inside. game runs only eng version stable, the german crashs after a while. in ati control panel it set all on maximum and vsync always on, not morpho filter, that makes text unread. FPS Control i set on maximum 200FPS. ingame i set all on maximal details and smoothing maus on maximal. game runs great, only the mistake by weapon switch (fast switch) the maus lag. i must make this switch slowly and brain think in situations, what is need. then this mouse lag dident come realy. i dont use account games, i have only install nolf and max payne.
  7. nolf = last facking error crashs does not really work frame drops, and no carbine in the berlin mission.
  8. what i want to say is..... today last 'frelling' piss mistake does not really work error game.
  9. dieses nolf taugt nichts, letztes piss spiel, das eine wollte ich, weil ich sonst nichts mit account zwang mach oder besitze. die deutsche und englishe version weichen beide voneinander ab. die deutsche hat ohne AA schlecht lesbarere Menütexte als die Englishe. mit AA kann man beides nicht ertragen ( flecken ) die deutsche crasht gerne mal, dazu auf der englishen immer mal wieder frame einbrüche. ich will kein pc spiel mehr, dieses eine nolf was ich wollte geht bei mir nicht. ich hasse auch so jedes pc spiel was jemals auf welt entwickelt wurde, besonders diesen neu modischen piss mit account zwang, taugt alles nichts.
  10. many thanks, the german goty comes crash by load game, win 10 or 7 both the same, i think the English Version is more stable.
  11. How to start this Mission with Carbine, i have no Carbine in this mission and i am going always death or alarm mutch to hard for me.
  12. Welcome to the forums Chris82 :)