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  1. Yeah, yeah... I know this isn't exactly a NOLF3 topic. However, this topic's end goal is the development of NOLF3. These days, I mostly play games that are delivered through the Steam platform. The library of Steam games has grown immensely over the last few years, and many of the added titles are old games (going back to early 90s and even late 80s... back when Natter was in grammar school). Monolith already has a relationship with Steam/Valve in that FEAR, FEAR2, and all FEAR expansions are available on Steam. With that in mind, could we push Monolith towards adding NOLF2 to their Steam library? I don't know the legal issues that they might face, but I do know that this could spark a NOLF2 revival among PC gamers. New games show up every week on Steam, and thousands of curious gamers buy them and play them (especially the budget-priced games, as NOLF2 would probably be). In my opinion, a successful distribution of NOLF2 over Steam could prompt Monolith to send NOLF3 into development! Even if NOLF3 never came to be, having NOLF2 distributed on Steam would add tons of new players to our community. Heck, we might even see a return to the good old days of clans and tournaments! Thoughts, anyone?