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  1. Can you teach me how to get more than 2 kills a round now?
  2. I just downloaded Multiplayer Launcher and am getting the same issue.
  3. Yes, Windows 7. What should I be running in compatibility mode? NOLF itself, or JoinByIP.exe?
  4. Whenever I try to join either of the Doomsday servers I get that error message after the Connecting screen. Both deathmatch servers work perfectly though. Any ideas?
  5. I was doing a serious clean-up around the house today and came across my NOLF CDs. I haven't played it since around 2003. I was excited to see if anyone was still playing it. It looks like there are servers running, but all of them were empty. Any insight on whether or not people still play this game?
  6. Welcome to the forums STDs4YouAnd4Me :)