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  1. wldisntuf

    I need to post

    Eh, for whever reason tried downloading the super map pack and the zip file doesn't extract. Tried numerous methods.
  2. wldisntuf

    I need to post

    Been out of NOLF for years, but glad to see someone is keeping the torch alive. Received a notice today that the site had been moved. Looks really nice guys, great job. I'm just digging around to see if my map is still floating around. 3knives. If not, I'll see about uploading it again. Not sure if I'll ever get around to setting up Dedit to work on it again, but hey, who knows. Peace. -wldisntnuf
  3. wldisntuf

    Welcome To UnityHQ Community Forum : wldisntuf

    Hello All, I haven't played NOLF in many years, but I used to be very active and also developed a couple of maps. Not sure if 3knives is still floating around or the prototype of Wicked Garden. Anyway, thought I would drop in and maybe pick up NOLF again. Currently replaying the MaxPayne series.