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  1. Leesy

    It Just Closed!

    Got it sorted. Windows 7 was the culprit. I change lithtech.exe & Nolf2.exe to run as admins & in Win XP SP2 mode and that did the trick,
  2. Leesy

    It Just Closed!

    Interestingly, I must be getting almost in there. The server info page (http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ reports a player called Leesy with a 0 ping.
  3. Leesy

    It Just Closed!

    Guess what. I'm having the invalid CD key issue too. Also following the instructions to the letter. Mod appears to be installed fine. I just can't connect to a server by the join by IP tool and I've tried them all Did Bella get sorted in the end? Any clues for me?
  4. Leesy

    Server Funding

    I'm impressed the server is still going and peeps still play it regularly. I'm missing my NOLF so I'll get on this weekend to say hi. Have a donation from me too.
  5. Leesy

    Server List

    Does anyone have a list of the various NOLF2 DM & DD servers to hand? I need their IP addresses and ports for a little page I'm throwing together to show who's in what server etc. I could probably get them myself if I installed GameSpy. But then I'd have to install GameSpy
  6. Leesy

    Guys vs Gals '2'

    FF5 Ventrilo Server details for those who need them: Host: Port: 3793 Password: howler
  7. Leesy

    Guys vs Gals '2'

    I agree. I've got nothing against TeamSpeak as a program but I find the audio quality on Ventrilo servers far better.
  8. Leesy

    Guys vs Gals '2'

    Of course. I'll get it set up and send round people the details. I think half the people like Mari, Nines, Firefox etc. know the details anyway so if you don't hear from me for some reason - grab one of them.
  9. FF5 is closed for members really. We like it small and cosy so the only way somebody gets in if they are friendly with existing members. Never turn people away. They might simply just not want to start a clan. Not everyone is a leader.
  10. Leesy

    Guys vs Gals '2'

    I'm in too! Got to show these girly-girls who's boss. Will we be using the UnityHQ TeamSpeak server? Because well... I don't like TeamSpeak! Everyone is more than welcome to use the FF5 Ventrilo server for this one.
  11. Sure we can try this again. Let's not say "X from this clan, Y from that clan" though. Let's just have two "pots" one with the clan members who want in, one with the non-clannies. We'll just pick names randomly and assign them to a team.
  12. Heatman - He can't change his name. The board admins have to do it. Now people - Can we please not turn this thread into a bitching session. This is a thread that really could do without it. Mari has already removed a load of fluff from this thread - let's not make her have to remove more. Apok - Don't everything that is said too personally. Everyone is allowed an opinion. Natter is probably going from personal experiences which is perfectly fair. I personally like the DK site and it does look very professional. The English flag in the top right seems to do nothing though. I personally don't see any DK people in NOLF (an I am a European too) so this was why DK didn't immediately spring to my mind when thinking about clans. It wasn't meant to be any kind of insult to the clan.
  13. Quite nice. Interesting late night bar look Nice to see that it loaded up well in all the browsers I tested it with too.
  14. I agree with Mari - Ventrilo would be prefable to Teamspeak. The sound quality is much improved. Some people have trouble understanding my British accent on Vent - I'd hate to think how it would sound on TS. Anyhoo, I'll take a peek around and see what can be done. As for smaller clans like DK - I believe some of our German members have spoken to them. But that's also the trouble with DK - they only speak German so it can be quite hard to get a match going unless you speak the lingo (and I only know how to count & order food!)