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  1. I have not beaten the game recently, but I vividly recall my first 3 times I've beaten the game, within the same year after I had bought it off of Amazon, in 2011. My version is the GOTY version, so I have the 'extra' levels where Cate Archer is on 'holiday' ('vacation') in a tropical resort. I thought this game was pretty remarkable for the time when it was first introduced....... and I was thinking this in 2011.... by then, it was TEN YEARS after the game came out! It also felt grossly underrated.... or at least, it deserved FAR more recognition than it actually had. That is: if I were to mention or even ask about this game to just about any other gamer (in 2011), 9 times out of 10, nobody would really be able to know what game I'm talking about! (That is very sad.) Still, while the graphics certainly don't hold up, certainly in 2018 (as I write this comment/reply/thread), there are unique aspects of this game that have made it timeless in my eyes. The mostly feminist/progressive stance/viewpoint it took, especially at a time when (really) the only other competitor was 'Tomb Raider'. The sense of HUMOR it had - where as so many of today's games totally lack it. Maybe I've been living under a rock (or just way too busy with other stuff in my life to keep up), but I don't know of many other games that offer such a unique and immersive setting: 1960's, cold war, campy spy theme. Certainly there are other stand-out qualities of this game for me that I could type at length about, but I'll spare you all from too long of a read! lol. By the time I had worked my way backwards from NOLF 2 (which I bought, "new" in 2003/2004), and completed NOLF1, I thought that they (Monolith) could TOTALLY fit in AT LEAST ONE MORE game starring Cate Archer, set in ANY year from 1969 to even 1980 (as the Cold War was drawing to a close). I'm not counting Contract J.A.C.K. as I consider that title blasphemous to the franchise (seriously). I mean, even if not a 3rd sequel starring Cate Archer, I would've appreciated (and WOULD HAVE PAID FOR) even just a 'graphical REBOOT' (essentially a remake) of the first two games. As for a modern build that could be legally purchased and downloaded online....... man..... it's even an embarrassing shame that we can't even get that either!
  2. (EDIT): Sorry, I meant to post this in the tech support section. Goes to show how long I've been gone (years)! Hey errybody! Been a while since I was last on here. But I'm now on Windows 10 and have gotten the itch to replay NOLF1 and NOLF2. At this particular moment, I have NOLF1 (GOTY) installed and have made it half-way through the game. I wanted to try some of the cheats to see if they still worked. For the most part, they did. But for some reason, one particular cheat stopped working. Or.... at least, when I was still on Windows Vista, I don't remember needing anything else (.REZ mod and probably not even a declared command-line in the program's shortcut) to get the cheat to work. I'm talking about "mpclip" (ie. the 'spectator mode'). Before, when I was on Windows Vista, all I needed to do was press 'T' then type 'noclip' and I could explore all areas of the current map as I desired. When I was done, I typed 'noclip' again to deactivate that cheat, and then I'd 'land' on the ground and be able to walk/run again like normal. But now that I'm in Windows 10, I find that I had to download the Spectator.REZ mod (from this site) to enable the spectator mode. What's worse is that, once it's been enabled, there is NO WAY to disable it unless you quit the game............... which is totally absurd! Can anyone else determine if spectator mode was working just fine in older versions of Windows.... WITHOUT any external mods? Also, can anyone else, here, get into spectator mode in NOLF (either regular version or GOTY version) just using the "mpclip" command without mods, while in Windows 10? Or............ is it just me? Btw, I am very thankful this forum is still around, even after ALMOST TWO DECADES since this game came out! (2020 is coming up fast!).
  3. It's such a shame that none of the companies involved in making the dang game in the first place are gonna budge to get it re-made. Personally, and this is just my opinion: I blame Contract J.A.C.K. At least for me, that game just about killed the franchise...... it totally removed the unique qualities that made NOLF well........ "NOLF".
  4. As the subject heading reads..... but the last entry was in 2012. :\ https://github.com/penenin/lithtech https://github.com/penenin/lithtech/blob/master/NOLF/ClientRes/ClientRes.rc I'm wondering if anyone else here has seen this.
  5. I wish 2K Interactive/2k Games would be the ones to take the reins of the franchise and develop NOLF3. I totally dig the gameplay mechanics and story-driven aspects of Mafia 2... both of which I believe would translate well to a new installment for the NOLF series. Examples of features found in Mafia 2 that I like and which I believe would greatly add to a hypothetical NOLF 3: *cover system: being able to dodge enemy fire by hiding behind walls and quickly sliding towards a corner's edge for cover. *drivable vehicles: MORE CARS! This would be my excuse to push for more classic 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's muscle, import, and luxury cars to be added into the game! They should also keep the dirtbike, the snowmobile, and give us a helicopter or a jetpack! *more life-like maps: GTA4 does a better job at this than Mafia 2 in being truly "open-world"... but I think Mafia 2's style would actually still work in a primarily mission-oriented game like NOLF. *complex and dynamic crowds: it'd be so awesome to chase after villains in a crowded city or in a crowded building, just like in the big-screen movies. Or how about boarding a crowded, double-decker bus in London, trying to chase down Volkov or another bad guy? *REAL historical music: Mafia 2 included real-life radio hits from the 1940's-1950's (one or two from the 1960's)..... it's be so awesome if NOLF included more real-life music from the 1960's and early 1970's to be played on in-game radios or jukeboxes throughout the game.
  6. I've uploaded some more tracks, but I'm still not done with the entire game... real life is beginning to get in my way again. But I've made a playlist to make it easier for myself to add them in sequence and easier for everyone to listen to as I make more available. NOLF Playstation 2 (PS2) Soundtrack (playlist) Unless they contain graphics/game-mechanics enhancements, bugfixes, completely new features, or a significant amount of "exclusive" features, well... home console ports are -ALWAYS- going to suck when compared to the original system release.... (the source being either coin-op arcade or PC/Mac systems).
  7. Never mind... I'll work on providing them. For the community's enjoyment. For the PS2 soundtrack, please see this thread... http://sficlan.net/Unityhq/forums/forums/index.php?showtopic=2431&view=findpost&p=96354
  8. I've decided to post the ones I've recorded myself. They're on YouTube so that nobody else can (easily) download them. And if I ever get requests from copyright holders to take them down, I will do so immediately. This is purely for the benefit of our NOLF community who may have never had the chance to experience the PS2 version. Because this game is so obscure and because the PS2 version has seen even less success and less recognition than it deserves, it is my hope that these 4 tracks will serve to inspire the community to continue to encourage Monolith/FOX to continue NOLF's story with a 4th game of the series (NOLF 3). I will continue to add more as I find more time to make them and assuming my antiquated PC is up to the task.
  9. Thanks for all of these! By any chance, would you happen to have an audio rip from the Playstation 2 version of NOLF GOTY?
  10. Oh yeah, I know that those levels aren't in the PC version, since I have the PC version as well. (I only recently got a hold of the PS2 version, is what I forgot to mention).
  11. For anyone who has seen or heard YouTube videos of anyone playing the Playstation 2 version of NOLF, more than likely, you would've noticed the totally different soundtracks that were worked into the game to further contrast its PC and Mac counterparts. What I'm wondering is if anyone here has come across any actual soundtrack rips from the PS2 version of NOLF or if anyone has access to or knows of any tools/utilities to rip the PS2 soundtracks. At least one of the PS2 soundtracks I'm talking about can be heard in these 3 videos: I, myself, happen to have the PS2 version, and tried to use the usual PC tools to open up the files stored on the PS2 disc, but it was a no-go.
  12. What I think would really muster up support for NOLF3 would be a re-release of the first two NOLF games (sans Contract JACK) on a new graphics engine and revamped A.I.'s. I feel that it would create a -new- wave of awareness for how great those two games were and create an even more massive demand (compared to how it is today) for a NOLF3 title release. The goal should be to target all the newer console gamers with the re-release, and then trickle down to any remaining PC gamers with a subsequent multi-platform release of NOLF 3. I still feel that NOLF's all-original approach to FPS games are its highest selling points: forcing the player to use of stealth techniques, the implementation of story-driven plots, the interweaving of witty humor throughout the game, and the campy/"mod" (1960's) theme is largely unmatched by any other game... even to this day, as I'm typing this (2011). What I liked about NOLF2 is how they managed to work two plots into the story... more specifically, the part where H.A.R.M. had not one but two concurrent plots for world domination, both of which were underway in NOLF1 and one surviving plot which continued in secret, which became NOLF2. It would be awesome if something like that could and would be done for NOLF3.