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  1. Where can I get an updated mappack now ? It seems all the packs you were talking about were removed from the download section, right ? Yeah, I know, it took me almost two years to reinstall the game, and now I want the mappacks RIGHT NOW. (Yeah I'm a spoiled kid, I admit.) (Edit) Oh, alright, forget the stoopit question, I found it. I thought the Mappack installer was the official one, from Sierra. My bad.
  2. Oh, I feel like I've just stepped on a singularity and ended up before my computer, three years back in the past. Got it? No? Never mind. Well, appart from the number of people playing in the afternoon (Paris time), which is, according to my most recent experience, equal to absolute zero, I see that the topics' contents haven't changed much in the last months. It still is much fun to read. No, just kidding. So, could anyone here sum up what's really new, or going on in the NOLF2 community? Talking about cheaters killing the game is completely optional, I figured this out myself...
  3. OK, Elite I've reinstalled everything a NOLFer needs to be happy, which means TS, Live Messenger, etc. I'll check if you're online from time to time!
  4. Nah, no problem, dude It's OK, I've set it to Windows 2000 compatibility and it finally runs fine...
  5. Hey people! Firstly, I must say it's very nice to be back here... Then, I must annoy you a bit with a tech problem. This might seem a bit logical, or even obvious since it's the tech section, I know. So, here we go... NOLF2 starts normally. The menus show up, Cate moves, no problem. Here's my configuration : - AMD Opteron 144 (not overclocked yet) - Windows XP family edition, 32 bits - 1GB RAM, DDR 400 MHz - ATI X1950 Pro (not overclocked either) And, here's the problem : I can't join any game. I get an error message saying "error trying to retrieve information about the most recent version" or something equivalent, because I run a french NOLF2 (nobody's perfect). Originally, it just froze, but I found out it was just because of my antivirus. No more freezes, just this error message. And if I try to run a singleplayer game, cinematics work, but I'm kicked back to Windows as soon as the game sequence should start. I'm affraid it would do the same in multiplayer, anyway. So, does anyone among you, my dear friends, know how to help me? I'm about to put an end to it all. If I can't get my dose of NOLF2 very soon, life would have no meaning anymore... Help me, please! [EDIT] Finally, everything works well, except the game itself. I can see server lists, but I still get the same Windows error message when I try joinging a game. It only says : "Client MFC Application encountered an unexpected error and must close..." well you got the picture, I guess.
  6. dear friends, here's a link to my blog. Most of the articles are written in english. Read, react, do whatever you want... But speak your mind, please. Updated as often as possible.
  7. This one gave me a good laugh, Indie. And yep, I don't like Cristo's work that much, but for once I like these trees. They should remind us gamers something, no? Yeah, old 3D trees Well, at least he didn't ruin some monument. I can't say I don't LIKE his work, to be honnest. I can't understand it, and think it's, most of the time, absolutely pointless. Now, I want the answers to Goo's quizz!
  8. Very nice photographs. Some buildings are very impressive, with an "Orwellian" look that is sometimes a bit scary. I don't know where he took these pictures, though.
  9. You're right when you say that new is not always good, Seeman. But is it bad if everyone has a different thought while looking at a picture, sculpture, etc? After all, it's not because we SEE the same thing, such as this row of three knights in armor you posted, that we necessarily have the same THOUGHT meanwhile.
  10. Genesis

    It's just NOLF!

    [off topic]Thanks for your answers, Phant and Mari [/off topic] Yep, we could start working on this big update in no time if at least a few mappers would post here to say they're interested and... have the ability to do so.
  11. Genesis

    It's just NOLF!

    Excuse me, RXS, but the building you're talking about is not a "bunker". Antarctic Agression is supposed to take place in some kind of south-pole research lab, made of prefabricated walls, and that's why one can shoot through most of them. There's almost nothing made of concrete in this map, except the ground inside the main buildings. The rest is, apparently, made of wood (stairs and long corridor) and some very thin metal (walls). No problem with me if someone shoots my kitty through these walls, I won't think this person is cheating, I'll just think "argh, *colorful expression goes here*, the guy knew about the walls..." Anyway, as we can see in this thread, people have various opinions about what is cheating and what is not. We should define some common rules before we fix anything in the game, I think, as for example the tag "cheat" (I wasn't even aware of its existence before we talked about it) is obviously not a cheat since people at Monolith made it that way. [off topic]BTW, how does the "wake up" function work when one of your mates is tagged? Is it the same, I mean would I have to right-click several times quickly in order to make it work? I tried to use it a few times but it never worked, please let me know if it does work well for some of you, and how...[/off topic]
  12. Genesis

    It's just NOLF!

    I'd say that creating such a mod would prevent most of the cheating accusations made by people who don't know that these walls were designed that way... But personally, I think leaving the walls the way they are is OK. It's pure logic, and no "solid" wall in NOLF2 can be shot through without using a hack or exploiting a game flaw. Yep, in real life, an AK would certainly be able to drill a few holes into a wood, tin or paper wall, so... On the other hand, it would be cool to make these "restricted areas that the mapmaker did not intend for you to venture into during games" become out of reach. I rarely see people use such glitches in DD, but there are more places like that in DM maps. Correcting a few things would include woodlands, khios, and maybe russian rampage...
  13. Genesis

    No Cheat!!!!!

    Word, I think that would be the begining of a solution. About what Phantizen proposes, I think it's a great idea, of course. Now do we have the technical abilities to do so? I dunno. Some game experts should post some comments here... Some of you might remember Goo's project, called the nolf2addon. Our goal was to develop a real sequel to the game. Ahem... Even with more than 10 people actually willing to help, we didn't manage to release a single piece of map. So I guess creating a real, self-extracting update would take much time, too. Anyway, one of the reasons why our project didn't work is because it wasn't hosted on any of the two big NOLF2 forums. Now if we created a real subforum, dedicated to the creation of v. 1.4 only, it could work. At least it would draw people's attention to it, and maybe we'd all focus on something more interesting than accusations of cheating, for a change.
  14. Genesis

    No Cheat!!!!!

    DVG, you're on a forum that's dedicated to NOLF2, maybe you didn't notice. Your recurrent posts ordering us to play another game will not help us deal with the problems that occur in the game we're currently talking about. Ah, sorry. I mean... IN THE GAME WE'RE CURRENTLY TALKING ABOUT Knix, yeah you got it right. That was the idea. If anyone else has propositions to make, go on...
  15. Genesis

    No Cheat!!!!!

    What happened to you, Knix, happened to me too, as I said in a previous topic about cheating. It's really disapointing not to be able to do anything but warn people once or twice, because, most of the times, people who cheat will start cursing, then harass other players, etc. Question is : do I know people in NOLF2 who would be able to have some kind of control over the servers without being regarded as power mongers? Err, no. Not even myself. See Natter's case. He's someone I trust, and I believe in his total fair-play. But some other people will not, because they see things from their own point of view. I do not judge them for that, even if I think it's absolutely unfair. But, contrary to them, I'm one of Natter's online friends. Well, why not put some people on a list, and have some community vote for them to be entitled to use SCMD, then? Wouldn't that be fair for everyone?