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Welcome to the DarkOmen Clan Secret World Cabal

We are currently looking for active players who want to take on a leadership role in the cabal. contact us at info@darkomencabal.com if you’re interested.

We are a The Secret World multi-faction (Dragon, Illuminati and Templar) cabal that focuses on being a casual group of people. Our goal is to have fun, team together and be an active group. We have no preference in time zones as we have members from all over. We use a custom chat channel in game plus a Ventrilo server to interact across the factions. We group up for raids, dungeons and scenarios often. We help our newer members level up etc.We are an experienced MMO gaming clan and have been playing The Secret World MMO since the beta. We also play the ArcheAge MMO (since Alpha) DarkOmen was originally the SFI Clan.  We evolved into using the DarkOmen name for MMOs. We still use the SFI name for the Star Trek Eliteforce 2 game.

We welcome new and experienced players to our cabal.
To apply click the forum -Contact Us link above.
Be sure to register an account on our forum to interact with DarkOmen cabal members and to get our cabal chat auto load channel script.
Sarya “SaryaZ” Sino, cabal founder



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