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How to check to see if your PC meets a Games min. requirements

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How to determine your computer's specifications


The first thing to check when experiencing any trouble running a game is the game's minimum system requirements against your computer system.


The minimum requirements for the game can usually be found on the bottom or the back of the box. If you do not meet all of the game's minimum requirements, it will not run correctly on your computer. Additionally, some games will have recommended system requirements that must be met in order to experience all the features of the game.


Please run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool which takes a snapshot of your machine and shows you what it sees.


1. Steps how to run DXDIAG


-Click the Start button and click Run.

-In the Run dialog box, type dxdiag

-Click OK.


The DirectX Diagnostic Tool gives you most of the system information you need in a window with multiple tabs.


In System tab area, collect the following information to compare to the minimum requirements:


-Operating System



-DirectX Version


Click on the DISPLAY tab and under DEVICE compare with the minimum requirements:




-Approximate Total Memory


Click the SOUND tab and collect the following information under Device to compare with the minimum requirements:





2. You'll also need to know how much disk space you have.


Find Out how much Hard Disk space you have

-Click the Start button and choose My Computer.

-Right-click Local Disk (C:).

-From the pop-up menu, select Properties.

-The General tab lists Used space and Free space information in bytes, gigabytes, and in an easy-to-read pie chart.


3. Check for the CD-ROM drive speed, most manufacturers print the speed on the front of the CD-ROM drive tray itself. In some cases, you'll need to check the manual that came with the computer or contact computer manufacturer.


If you need help reading the snapshot post it here in the forum and I'd be glad to assist you with interpreting the results.

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