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NOLF 2 Sound Problems


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The game is missing audio during cut scenes or there are missing sounds during gameplay.



This is usually a codec or audio compression problem. To correct it, make sure that you have installed the latest drivers for your sound card.



- First make sure you are in safe mode.

1. Shut down your computer:

A. Make sure you're on your desktop with all windows closed.

B. Left-click on "Start."

C. Left-click on "Shut Down."

D. Left-click on the arrow by the text field that may say "shut down," "stand by" or "restart."

E. Select "Shut Down."

F. Left-click on "OK."

2. Now that you're machine is shut down, wait 30 seconds.

3. Press the power button on your computer.

4. When windows is booting up, before you get the screen that has clouds

and says "Windows 98," hit the F8 key many times (to be sure you don't miss

the window to boot into safe mode).

5. Use the "Down arrow" keyboard key to move your selection to "3. Safe Mode" (If Win2000 the option is the first one).

6. Press the "Enter" key on your keyboard.

7. You should now be in safe mode.


- Select Start -> Settings -> Control Panel.


- Click on Add/Remove Programs.


- Select the Windows Setup tab.


- Choose Multimedia from the components list.


- Click on the Details button.


- Find Audio Compression on the list and verify that there is a check mark in

the box. If not, then put a check in the box and click on the OK button.


- Click on the Apply button then the OK button to close the window.


- Restart your computer and try the game again.


If you are still experiencing sound problems, try reinstalling the Fraunhofer

codec from the NOLF2 CD.


- Go to my computer.


- Double-click on the C drive.


- Double-click on Windows.


- Double-click on System32.


- Right-click on the file L3codeca.acm.


-Select rename.


-Change the extension (last 3 letters after the period) to "old."


-Close all of your windows.


-Put CD 1 in the CD-ROM drive.


-Go to my computer.


- Right-click on your CD-ROM drive.


- Select open.


- Double-click on the file WMFADist.exe.


- Follow the instructions to install.


- After you are finished following the installation instructions, try running the

game again.






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