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NOLF2 Clean install/won't uninstall

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Follow this procedure:



NOLF 2 Clean installation/ NOLF 2 will not uninstall



To perform a clean installation or if you are unable to reinstall No One Lives Forever 2, please follow the steps below:


To uninstall No One Lives Forever 2 manually:


From the Windows Desktop:

-Double-click on My Computer.

-Double-click on c:

-Double-click on Program Files.

-Double-click on Fox.

-Delete No One Lives Forever 2.


-Double-click on MY COMPUTER.

-Double-click on c:

-Double-click on PROGRAM FILES.

-Click on TOOLS in the top menu bar.


-Click on VIEW.


-Click OK.


-Delete the folder labeled {EBCCE08A-B3EE-40E7-96D7-31741D481015}


Next, remove any registry keys that are still on your system:


1. Make sure you're on your desktop with all windows closed.

2. Left-click on "Start" in the lower left.

3. Left-click on "Run."

4. Type in "regedit"

5. Left-click on "OK."

6. Left-click on the + by "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE."

7. Left-click on the + by "SOFTWARE."

8. Left-click on the + by "Microsoft."

9. Left-click on the + by "Windows."

10. Left-click on the + by "CurrentVersion."

11. Left-click on the + by "Uninstall."

12. Left-click on "{EBCCE08A-B3EE-40E7-96D7-31741D481015}"

13. Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard.

14. Left-click on "YES."

15. Retrace your steps until you reach "Microsoft."

16. Left-click on the - by "Microsoft."

17. Left-click on the + by "Monolith Productions."

18. Verify that you only have NOLF2 in there (and not NOLF/ AVP2 or

any other Monolith game). If you don't have any other monolith games:

A. Left-click on "Monolith Productions."

B. Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard.

C. Left-click on "Yes."

19. If you have other Monolith games in there:

A. Left-click "No One Lives Forever 2."

B. Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard.

C. Left-click on "Yes."

20. Close the registry editor.

21. Attempt to install NOLF 2.



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