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How do you sing "Take me out to the ballgame" in Dutch?

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Says the person who thinks Kobe is just in it for the money and doesnt respect the NBA

when in actuality, hes in the gym before any other player and practices more basketball

then you practice spamming in forums. A few days ago some guy critized Kobe's free throw

shooting because he missed a few game winning ones, Kobes responce? 62 in a row, a laker

record and one of the best free throw streaks in NBA history.


Come to think of it, if i hadnt of posted, i bet there would be no responces. :o



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Oh, please.


Your best-friend cheats on his wife and Kobe-Hater #17291832: Hahah, dayum pimp!


Kobe Bryant cheats on his wife and Kobe-Hater #17291832: Thats so wrong! Oh my god!


What he did was very wrong and disrespectful to his wife, whether or not your ignorant enough

to believe and wishfully think that Kobe raped that girl after that whole case is up to you, anyway

he is human and just because hes famous doesnt mean anything, if you took a break from your

daily-spam-sessions-because-you-have-nothing-better-to-do and looked at the percentage of

men who cheat on their wives/girlfriend youd be surprised. Speaking of surprised, im surprised

your hate for Kobe Bryant led you to believe he doesnt respect the game he works his tail off

practicing and training for...just because he has an ego, which is common amoung the famous,

and was immature as a young basketball player, which is to be expected from a straight-outta-high

school player, doesnt mean he doesnt respect the NBA, in fact the NBA is thriving off of Kobe

and wishing more players were as dedicated to this leauge as Kobe Bryant is.....



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Take the blindfold off your eyes and recognize his character for what it is.


Here's where your reasoning is flawed. You say lots of men cheat on their wife/girlfriend and that it is only human, therefor it is ok. Well, no it's not....just because other men may cheat on their wives doesn't make it right. Congratulations on joining the media circus in a slick role reversal where a teenage girl is suddenly the culprit because "she wanted it" - what is the age difference between the two? IS Kobe considered to be an adult (at least by age)? Is she considered to be a minor? She may have wanted to make out with him, but somewhere down the line things changed and didn't want it anymore. Come on ....he took advantage of her, everyone knows it except for his blind groupies like you.


You really think Kobe does all of that for the love/respect of the game? Just like most young professional athletes, it's all about themselves and being the best. You can't fault a guy for wanting to be the best, and as I said before, Kobe has a lot talent and I'll even concede he works hard to be the best. However, he does it for himself, he does it for his vanity.


Now go ask your mommy to drop you off at the mall with fresh Trevor so you can get back to bullying little kids.

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I never said it was okay because alot of men do it,

my point is the media makes a huge deal out of it and specially

haters like you, chances are, you have cheated on your wife Mr Spammer.


Of course his main goal is to be the best period. Whats wrong with doing it for himself?

you think he should care more about his fans and idols (NBA Legends) then himself!? :lol:


Go back to spamming or NOLFing 'cause you suck at this topic.

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OK...so I'm a hater...now what's your argument?


Are you able to comprehend what you read in the prior posts or has the drug abuse stunted your comprehension abilities too? You just restated a lot of what I just said. Stay off the drugs and get yo punk azz back in school where it belongs (or are you in one of those "special schools" for troubled kids - you know, the ones where you make your own hours, go to school for half day - wait, that's most public schools today, nvm?).


BTW - what happened to your last job? I hear drug addicts have a hard time keeping a job for very long. Maybe you can find a pimp that will work with you. I also heard the Kobe Bryant fan club needs a new president...you should apply. They are always looking for fanatics like you.

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Hahaha, its funny how people rely on insults when they know they got verbally-owned.


Remember when Fac got mad and kept cursing and cursing and insulting because he got told?


(No offence Fac, just the first example that came to mind :P )



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Oh, you must mean insults like this


you have cheated on your wife Mr Spammer.




Go back to spamming or NOLFing 'cause you suck at this topic.



Shall we go on? Don't hate just because I flipped the same sheet back to you that you've been fliiping at me.

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I should have been more specific:


Its funny how people ditch logic and rely only on insults when they know they got verbally-owned.


About that ^ my insults are witty and clever as can be, you suck at insults.

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