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Somebody Revive Me!

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The other day I realized it’s rather tiring to say thx or np all the time, after being revive or the one doing the reviving. Do you it’s a must? Don't get me wrong I'm one of the most polite guys you'll find, but every time? What do you think? :unsure:

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I'm big on being nice to people, but I don't think I've ever said thanks for being revived. But then I don't like to chat much while I'm playing. The way I see it, I'm on your team... if I'm laying there dead and there isn't a fight going on, it's pretty much the job of the other team members to revive me so I can help them out as well as add that reviving point to their score. Me, I revive everyone around me when I can, sometimes at bad times, and I'm trying to get better at that. Some people don't revive others because they themselves don't like to be revived (which is when I say all you have to do is right click so you can't be revived).


So I say don't worry about thanking others for reviving. I've never expected thanks from others and I never give it to anyone for a revive, unless they went way out of their way for me. It's all just part of playing DD. :D

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I sometimes say thx for reviving if someone runs

back only for a revive.

In a hard battle...theres not much time to type

and reviving teammates is, in my eyes, a must be done,

if u want to win a battle....so theres no need for thanks

bcs it only shows good teamwork

and good teamwork most wins over firepower

I also vote for reviving in crossfire to confuse the other team

only exception: no revive in a sniper-line


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I normally say "dang, finally!" But I think ppl leave me dead on purpose - and the auto taunt, gets annoying :lol:


Bet you will never want to play on my team again - LMAO


But seriously, don't say it every time, cause the less you talk the better you do (trust me, I chat too much, shocking I know...)


Like RXS said, if you ask for it, and you watch someone come back for you, I would definitely say TY.

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yah im in agreement with RXS...

you can tell if you are saying "OVER HERE" or "SOMEBODY REVIVE ME" and u see one of your teamates running way out of his way to get u, u say thnx...


but u do not have to say it all the time. it kinda takes the meaning outta the ty...

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I try to revive when possible and don't expect people to humble themselves as it's part of being on the same team.

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Ditto to ALL the above! I would rather see a team mate up and shooting than have them thank me for a revive...................And on the same token I find it personally annoying to have someone hitting the "revive me" key 20 times. To me its just a wasted keystroke! (bear with me folks, I'm old and grumpy :) )

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