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Levelup bug

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I reached ancestral level 2...

We went with raid to Aegis Island, where I died. I restored my experience at Nui... (game was indicating 4,3 milion experience). Soon after cinematics played out. After that I noticed following:


Indication of level in upper right corner is 3. Indication in XP bar is Level 1 BUT just 1.5m XP.. Also I had 1 ancestral skillpoint.

Later I reached level 4 (while game consumed up another bunch of medals, 4th series in total). I had 2 skillpoints, Chain lightning in sorcery seemed unlocked, but I could not select it. Then game crashed.

At that point my level indicated by skill bar and level indicated by upper right corner were alligned to 2.

At time when I died I had Level 2 and about 70-80% of next level. Nui offered to restore 4.3 milion XP (???).

Can someone send me XP stones worth of 3 milion XP? And about 20 medals?

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