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Seed Cost Increase

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Increasing the cost of seeds just makes it even more difficult to profit from consumable crafting. AA doesn't function as an informed economy-- where most people understand fair market value couple with basic supply and demand. This game's economy is one where people will consistently undercut an already ridiculously low market price. I've seen people undercut tax certs on Euro fs when they were already down to 32 silver per. On Reckoning, desperate people are already listing their consumables for less than per unit cost. Granted, this is probably b/c of the lack of demand. When there is less pvp, there is naturally a lower demand for consumables, so people feel the need to offload more. You have people spread across too many servers. I have already accepted that the demand is fcked. Increasing seed costs is just going to kill any hope of consumable crafting as a viable means of income.

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