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Triple Honor Event: How to Farm 20k+ Honor w/ Triple Everything! (Ends June 13th)

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Just wanted to go over a few ways to earn easy 20k+ honor (Daily) during this triple honor event so that players can reach 148,000 honor to maximize their Ancestral to lvl 7 (You can also use vocation badge 296,000 to get to lvl 7).

(MM) x 3 // [(400 x3) x3] = 3600 Honor

(CR) // [(50 + 150 + 300) x3] = 1500 Honor

(GR) // [() x3 ] = Honor

(Whalesong) // This is the new zone where the rift starts when the zone goes into war. It is like that of Halcyona where the public announcement appears follow by 10min recruiting time before the start of the rift. Protect the Tower from the mobs, deactivate the glowing portal thing on the ground(?) and kill the mobs to complete the quest. Full pot required for our current gears. // ~7600 Honor

(Ipnyr Island) // Similar to Whalesong rift where the rift starts after the zone goes to war. Have no clue how to complete it but I'm going to assume you have to protect something then kill mobs to get the quest complete and receive honor as reward. Similar to Whalesong where 7600 Honor will be given.

Lusca Raid // 3600 Honor

Arenas // Depends on how well you do, could walk out with 10k+ Honor by doing either gladiator, free for all, sparring or skirmish.

20k+ easy Honor farming.

If you would like to contribute please write on reply. All information are appreciated.


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