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Celestrata Bloodsong: Trion is a gang of scammer! I will never play any game marketed by trion !

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Hi there Chicky,Unfortunately, your account was found in violation of the rules of the game by one of our GMs -- Senior GM Tinen. I think many of the people here in the forums know how well respected Tinen is and how active he is with these types of investigations. We found you botting within the game and performed a few tests on your character to see if you reacted. You sadly did not. This is why we did not grant you an appeal.When an account is banned, we immediately suspend payments from it, so you have not been charged. We checked to make sure you weren't charged and, no, you were not billed while you were banned. I've asked customer service to go through and double-cancel you just in case, and remove your payment methods for your ease of mind. I'm sorry that you feel that you must do this, but we also must uphold the integrity of the game.

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