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3.5 on EU will have limited PVP

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I had posted these as replys earlier but i feel its so important that it deserves its own topic. Feel free to tell me if i am wrong and why.

Not sure ill be playing in 3.5. Your failure to merge servers and a patch that reduces pvp options just tells me we have no end game anymore. Heres how itl work. You have on EU for example fully dead servers where only 1 guild stomps all and at best there are 2 guilds who can stomp all. This is due to a dieing population. Your solution to this is more gear to swipe on forcing more to yolo and leave, reduction in available contesting due to all bosses spawning at the same time resulting in freefarming for the most powerful guilds and nothing for anyone else.

So 3.5 for me is basicly 7minutes less MM. Boss timers that result in less pvp on the dieing servers. More swiping or massive massive in game hours to reach new gear level all the while knowing i have no where to pvp other than what the extremely limited population can organise between them selfs. You give no one any reason to have a guild and go places. This game honestly loses 20% of its population after every major patch. For me this one kills my pvp options by limiting them all to a 3 hours window 3 days a week taking place during other pvp events making me choose. So my game is 9 hours a week now? How xl games and trion think these things will bring a better population is comical. You guys have no clue 2014-2017 no clues where given by xl games or trion

My point was i spend 3-4 hours of log time standing afk in solis already due to limited populations on EU. What sort of game requires you to install discord and contact other faction leaders just so you can have some pvp.

Fun fact in 3.5 halcy is pretty much deleted. Unless you want to spend all your time farming low gs players in halcy trying to make gold and push it to war. So war could be such a random timer that halcy might just become 5 man raids.

To the staff at trion please tell me why as a player since 2014 i should play 3.5 when my main log time revolves fully around open world pvp. Is this no longer the direction of archeage?

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