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The Siege of Mistsong (Raid Concept)

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This is purely a fun idea. Im well aware something of this scale is insanely unlikely to even be suggested to XL let alone implemented but ive thought about it and would LOVE to see something like this ingame.

So I thought about a raid, similar to the WoW style raids but with an Archeage spin.

for a start it would have to be functional with Archeages game mechanics and I think ive worked out how it could be implemented perfectly within the game using systems already in place.


Raid map would look similar to Mistsong, with 3 wings having 3 bosses in each wing + a final boss opening after all other 9 are down.

Each boss has a weekly quest attatched to it, limiting rewards to once per week and the reward would scale depending on the difficulty you kill each boss on.

The rewards would be an RNG box + a token of the bosses difficulty, IE kill 1 of the first bosses on hard mode, you get an RNG box containing appropriate random stuff, nothing too much, and 1 Hard mode Boss Token

There could be 3 or 4 difficulties and a Machine similar to the ones in mirage with various items up for sale for tokens of different types allowing for a huge multitude of possibility for things to let players work towards from non break charms, skins, gliders, mounts, costumes, non break gems or even higher tier gems (im well aware gems change in 3.7)

Something like this with a style like mistsong would allow a 10 man raid with trash patrolling like mistsong and each wing having 2 different paths, 1 boss down each, converging at the 3rd boss in each wing which opens when the other 2 bosses are down.

Would give people something to work on and you could use it to allow new players to get a full set of something similar to soulforged to allow new players to actually participate in the games other events without being severely undergeared for many months.
A simple "get 30 easy mode/normal mode tokens" to get a chest containing a set of this stuff would allow progression early ingame for new people and if they have friends in guilds they could get boosted to be able to join in.
Higher geared players could make benefit of free divine nonbreak charms for 10 hardmode boss tokens or some new gems at higher grades than the current gems, maybe even new lunafrosts.

While like I said, something like this is probably never going to see the light of day, it would be something doable within the Archeage architecture and would not only make the game better for newer players but give the higher players something to work on, solving several problems all at once.

That's all, let me know what you think ^^

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