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Please READ! New Guild on the making(?) Any help is welcome![Prophecy][EU]

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Hi there fellow warriors! I am Dimitra from Prophecy, Nuia Side.

Well, to put it simply I can't seem to find a guild in which I can feel like I fit in so I decided to try and make my own guild. The problem is that I have never lead a guild before so I am a bit lost as to how to start. I know that I need a full party for the making of a guild but that's not what I'm worried about.
You see before I get into making it I would like to know if the players of this server are anywhere near interested in a guild like this. Because if not I don't see the point on making a one man guild... :p

Now, the reason I want to make a new guild is because I have noticed that there are not many organized guilds out there, and those who are, are a bit too hardcore or pk related for my playstyle.
So the guild I have in mind will have 4 simple rules:
01. Always use English on guild chat, no matter how good or bad you are on it we wont judge, we just want to understand you! :)
02. Be polite to each other and if you can help each other. No making fun of people who don't know the game yet...I mean if we, who know the game better, don't teach the new players who will?
03. No PK allowed. Really there are tons of other guilds who allow PK and I personally detest it, so no PK!
04. No Alts allowed, I want active players, not a dead alt guild.
Additionally, I'm planning on making the guild casual and new player friendly with raids for the daily quests and mini events based on what people want and need.

That's it. Thanks for reading this long post and helping out!

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