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" Stormcaster ": New Possible PvP+PvE Mage Class and its Tutorial with 3.5 patch skill changes for magical damage users

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Stormcaster ( sorcery, witchcraft, archery ) is really good for 3.5 patch too. You can do lot's of combos in close and medium range combat or for long time survival in open world small/medium/large scale pvp when you make the timing for the skills right. The key point is not get killed with 1-2 hits from too geared DR like classes and rangers only in legacy servers; so try to make the first move ( As you know, in AA, who attacks first generally wins^^). With your CC skills you can kill any opponents in most cases.
Stormcaster requires high casting speed.

This class is good in small based pvp in open world, ship battles when they board on your ship, 5vs5 arenas, or use this as supportive way in mass pvp. It can be really good in 1vs1 too; but you need to do skill timings right before your opponent then you kill anyone. The only problem of cloth users in the recent updates that DR like classes and rangers became too strong as getting better skills changes or new skills etc. So, even we offer or show these new tactics, new classes cloth users will die with a few hits in seconds unfortunately...

From archery, you need to get bone cage skill, snipe, charged bolts, concussive arrow ( and maybe snare ) skills only and you spend spend other rest of skills at sorcery and witchcraft skill trees.

Witch successor skills, most of classes become available ( but mainly physical damage classes with different versions we will see more "melee-mage, range-mage" than new mage versions in 3.5 patch ). One possible new class for mage at 3.5 patch is "Stormcaster".

At archery skill tree, this class has lot's of long casting time skills; so as mage player if you went for lower casting speed time, this build become more useful for you.

The purpose of class is keeping busy opposing players in pvp combat and keep you alive more than with your current builds in open world pvp. If you realise that these successor skills are all generally useful and made for open world mass pvp to use in ship battles, castle siege, pvp on freedich, mistmerrow, halcyona , open world world bosses, rifts etc. where more people are gathered to do activities.

Possible Combos:
###Earthen Grip - Snipe combo to trip people ( Earthen Grip become instant skill again with 3.5 patch )
###Concussive Arrow after cage breaks or physical damage player try to break cage himself, Concussive Arrow becomes an instant skill in short range and it makes you pull back ( good for mage against DR like classes )
###Bone Cage > Snare > Snipe
###Fear > Meteor combo after using bone cage skill
###Use burning target and bubble trap combo when needed

###Bone Cage Combos:
This is very tricky and useful combo with the help of new successor skills in 3.5 patch. Once you capture enemy player into "Bone Cage" you need to these:
***Use the new witchcraft target-able aoe fear into the bone cage

I need to make some explanation now to make everything clear:
Because bone cage is narrow and the summoned wraith with this aoe fear at 3.5 patch, until the wraith is finishing his fear waves and as long as you are in its range you are getting feared non-stop then once wraith finishes the fear casting you enter to stun.

***Use the new blizzard meteor or fireball meteor skill to give good damage
***Use red dragon 2h staff skill too as extra if you have this weapon for more damage

Once bone cage is closed to be broken itself automatically

***Use Frigid Tracks > Frozen Arrow ( instant ) > Charged Bolts ( To stun the player )
***Use Focal Concussion > Use 2nd fear and then use Lassitude ( To sleep the target ) > Use Meteor

Once you started to do one of these CC combos ( before get killed by DR like classes or ranger classes ), your victory is sure and you are having fun while playing with this new class; because you feel that you are in control for the first time in pvp with your CC skills as using them wisely^^.

If you have hatred/abyssal skills with sorcery or witchcraft, use them wisely:
**For ship battles when they board you need to go to anchor side in front or go to captain side after getting enough combos for abyssal skill and use the "Medusa" skill to turn everyone in front of you into stones for 30 seconds and make your friends to kill the enemy easily.
**For small scale pvp, use the sorcery abyssal skills to make burst damage with your high casting speed.

###There is another possible combo for stormcaster as mage with using "Float" skill
If you have high magic attack and full penetration gems and if you like to use only instant skills this combo helps you so much.
***Use Float and fight on the air against your enemies getting %30 more damage buff for your all kind of damage.
***After you are on the air, you can use your new instant "Fire Bolt" skill as lighting version + you can use your normal "Lighting" skill and you can use the new other "Lightning Meteor Skill" ( instant ) to dot heavily the people where you aimed.

For PvE, you can solo most of dungeons even with your low gear score with celestrial weapon. You can solo and farm elite mobs in mistsong ( you can kill one mod easily as cloth before the mob gives you insane amount damage on you and if you are good with this class itself you can kill two elite mobs with your cc skills easily ), for other greater dungeons, you can farm mobs and even bosses alone yourself in most cases but still cloth needs someone to do these dungeons safely.

With 3.5 patch, most of combos, new classes will be available. For mage, it is limited for these kind of new things but for physical damage, there will be lot's of new melee-mage or range-mage classes; because of instant skill option in magical skill trees in 3.5 patch.

This thread is mainly made for introducing new classes that can be used nicely this time to show new possibilities still possible in Archeage with 3.5 patch and future new skills or new skill changes. Apart from this, this thread is made for some players with high ego like thinking them so pro with their high gear scores who mock with these new ideas, suggestions, approaches that 3.5 patch makes them possible with the new update. In public test with divine erenor gear / t6 epic obsidian gear with minimum celestrial or divine or epic or better weapons we made these tests and this new build " Stormcaster " is giving nice damage and make you to control your surrounding smoothly in pvp and pve.

In conclusion, at public test server, with my friends and with random players, we made lot's of dual, pvp and many trials with these new skill changes with most of classes in diamond shore and austera for testing this new possible class combos with our friends and they are working nicely and effectively.

***There is no class is OP or absolute in this game. With 3.5 patch changes, most of things become possible. They call "DR or Rangers" are OP in pvp. But these classes are only OP against low geared players or cloth users. I personally hard to see these DR like classes or rangers send dual request to their similar classes with similar gear score amounts in leather and plate users. Instead, they want to dual with cloth users or low gear score players and even want to pk these people only for their high ego. As I said they are not OP or absolute classes. They seem to be like this because most of EU servers are dead empty servers so pvp happens in small scale. That's why thy can focus on other players easily and kill you. In medium scale or mass scale pvp, the thing they are not possible. I hope that more plate users will be increased to fight against these DR or ranger like classes in the future in EU servers. I know that mage is not loved for the recent patch that we got lot's of nerfs even we didn't need; comparing to buffs to dr and ranger like classes at every patch unfortunately.

***This build is very effective when you have high gear score too.

################################################## ################################################## ##########################

I hope that you give a change to this class build too and like this tutorial.
If you have better ideas, tactics or share your experience with this new class build in 3.5 patch while using "Stormcaster" please share your opinions in this thread, thank you very much.

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