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Trion, I am not angry, just dissapointed.

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Just to continue the current trend of threads about the car and other things. I just wanted to add my 2 cents here.
Firstly, ive had my car since release, the timber coupe when it was added and then instantly upgraded to redwood roadster when it was also added so im not angry if I cant upgrade it into the new car.
I feel however, the information about the cars should be upfront and detailed the second you have the information.

Whatever information you have, whether good or bad, should be given to your customers to allow them to make good decisions about what to buy.
Personally, if I cant upgrade my car, ill stick with what I have, the new one is better for the same price as mine but ive used mine for a long time and if this turns out to be true, like I said, I will just be disappointed.

The reason I write this is because Trion, as a company has a history of disappointing its customers or withholding information that it deems to probably give people a negative impression.

You should start working on making your customers happy, stop pissing everyone off all the time and acting deaf and blind to the rage you cause.
Every day I see more houses disappearing, less people running around and sure, in a couple days it will be busier but for how long?

This game needs a big change, both in the way new players progress to be competitive and join in the fun and also how its managed to give players more of a pleasant experience throughout their gaming time.

right now, you should expect a brand new person joining the game will level from 1-50, see barely anyone, find nobody for dungeons or group quests and essencially experience a single player adventure. When they get 50 its just a grind to 55, then they need large amounts of honor/vocation for the new lvl 7 cap
Then they are 3k GS and need to earn gold to get to a point that they don't get 1 shot by 75% of the active players.

The small percentage that don't get dissuaded by this, will make it up to 5k+ GS and be able to join a decent guild and join in for bosses and pvp but if this is the kind of experience they get from the top people in trion, let alone the copy paste responses of 90% of customer service requests "I can see how that's frustrating, sorry we cant help"
This just knocks more people off.

As a guild leader over 3 years, I have seen 100s of people quit the game for different reasons,
some for regrade fails,
some for not being able to join in PvP due to gear being hard / long to obtain.
Some for gem fails and being stuck at 1 or 0 gems in their items for over 200 gems or more and they quit.
Some leave for other games that offer what they want.
some quit because they have nothing to do
Some due to the changes that are implemented
and TONS because of the biggest idiotic decition made which was to "allow" blocking for 2 years. So many couldn't do anything, no trade runs, no packs or whatever due to AFK blockers everywhere and you said, for almost 2 years, that it was allowed and emergent gameplay, then someone that actually plays must have whispered in the ear and it got changed overnight.

1 person in my guild right now will quit if his car cant be upgraded, its only 1 person, maybe you don't care. He spent 3 months saving and working on getting it due to reading about how in korea and Russia you can upgrade them into the new one.
Now hes saying after building it 2 weeks ago and being the happiest person in the guild, that hes ready to quit. He plays not for gear, just for fun and social / potato things and he wanted the car.
I know some wont care, potato player blah blah but hes one of the nicest guys you could play with, helpful, always happy and you broke him. I really hope today you come out with good new for his sake and that of many others.

Every time you do these things, you lose a small number of people. STOP
just STOP

I don't want the game to die, I enjoy the pvp, the pve and its still fun for me. Don't destroy the thing I love by causing all my friends to slowly quit or play less.
As someone else said, most of the people that quit don't come on the forums to say goodbye, they don't rage or say anything in chat.....they just stop logging in 1 day. their stuff disappears and they are gone.

Like I said, im not angry since I know its not ALL your fault, but I am disappointed you don't do more to stem the loss of players.

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