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New ArcheAge Server System!

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For some time Ive had this idea for a system of organized server launches and merges in ArcheAge, and now Id like to finally write it all down to share with others. With the third iteration of Fresh Start hinted at, I believe now is better than ever to share.

The idea is as follows:

  • Every (x) amount of time (called a Season), a new Fresh Start server is launched.
  • Ideal timeframes would be every 4 months or every 6 months. The current trend of once every year is simply too long, at least in this system.
  • Once the new Fresh Start server is launched, the previous server is then merged into the Midway server and ceases to exist.
  • This will be the server that every Fresh Start server is merged into once it has reached the end of its season.
  • The Midway server will never be merged into another server.
  • Transfers will be allowed off of the server, but not onto it.
  • When Fresh Start servers are merged into the Midway server, the land, castles, guilds, and other pre-existing server aspects will not be altered or lost. This is a one-way merge where Fresh Start players join the Midway server.
  • Heres one of the biggest and most crucial changes to ensure the system works the best:
    There must be a gear score cap for the Midway and Fresh Start servers.
  • This ensures that new players and characters coming to Fresh Start and merging into the Midway server will not be at an absolute disadvantage come season end.
  • To do this, cooperation from XLGames would be needed. A system that would prevent a player from equipping gear that would put them past the gear score limit would need to be implemented.
  • Suggested Gear Score Limit of 5,500.
  • There would not be any limitations to what tier or grade items you can have or create, the limitation would only come into play whenever you try to equip something that puts you over the cap.
  • In theory this also creates a whole new aspect to the game, specific to these servers, in which players need to carefully min/max their gear and create specific builds to get the most of what they have. Think weight/point systems in other games.
  • If players want to progress past the servers cap, they then would need to transfer to a legacy server and continue progressing their gear without limit.
  • Legacy servers would need to be reorganized and branded appropriately as well to work best with the system.
  • For the best interest of the community, there should be several different but specific servers to suit each players needs. With the current population, servers would also need to be merged in order to condense the player base. The following is a proposed server list:
  • Fresh Start server. To be merged into the Midway server come season end.
  • Midway server. Transfers allowed off but not onto.
  • One designated PVP server. This is where all of the best of the best pvpers go to test their mettle. Small differences to regular servers would be implemented here in order to promote PVP. Changes such as no peace times, changes to the infamy/jail system, changes to the pirate system, and so on.
  • One server designated for RP and Casual play. Differences in the opposite of the PVP server to be implemented such as more peace times, steeper penalties for infamy, or even no bloodlusting allowed whatsoever, and so on. Whatever changes promote a more casual and friendly environment.
  • One - Three Regular Legacy servers to choose from. Regular servers will be what everyone has already come to know for ArcheAge. These servers are in between the PVP and Casual servers, and share the same settings as the Fresh Start and Midway servers.

The Auction House system is something that Id like to hear suggestions for. My personal opinion is that the Midway and Fresh Start servers should have separate isolated auction houses. The PVP server, RP/Casual server, and regular Legacy servers should all share a cluster.

What all of this is intended to do, is to create something for everyone, to keep the game alive and thriving. There would always be a point for a new player to start the game with the Fresh Start servers. There would always be a chance to do it all over again, something new and exciting to do. If your experience is beginning to grow stale, play on the Fresh Start server this season and change things up. Control the Midway server, or graduate up to the PVP server. There will always be new players coming into the game. There will always be new guilds and alliances rising and falling. There will always be a fair and fun experience to be had.

Now Id like to hear suggestions for what else could be changed or added to this system to improve upon it and make the best ArcheAge experience possible. Please share with me your ideas and suggestions!

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