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You guys are hilarious! Re: the video... Val is harrassing me about it. "When will it be done?" So I better get back to that! She did awesome on her voice acting for it, btw. Re: the map... I had an idea I wanted to test out so I decided to make just enough of a map to test the idea and find out whether it will be fun or not. It ain't pretty but 2 days later and it is ready for the first try. One of the things you see when gaming is that people don't have a motivation to do anything but kill. In this map, you will have to worry about going to jail! Each team can enclose the other team's spawn points, thus jailing them when they respawn! It takes time to do it (using the code breaker compact) and they can be reopened instantly with the push of a button so free players can release their team mates. For further balance, I made it impossible to nana tag the spawn area and all players spawn with the silenced gordon. There is a rocket but no tommygun or AK. If it is not fun, Oh well, I tried. If it is, then I will probably work more on it, further balancing the gameplay! Obviously, when you fail to keep the enemy from locking all four of your spawn alcoves AND your team all dies before unlocking the spawns, the round is done. The enemy team can release you, place the parts and finish the round or toss grenades into your jail cell and kill you as long as you keep respawning.

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I was really happy with the test last night. It was definitely a more intense battle when either team got some of the spawn points locked as you knew the end was near. It was a different and enjoyable experience for me, so I had a lot of fun! People who complain in game a lot won't like this map because when you lose in this map, it is really bad. But when you win is it REALLY funny! I thought the things like spawning with the gordon and no aks or tommygun in the map really did help the gameplay stay balanced. I am not sure when and if I will get the time to work more on it but here are the things I thought needed changing/improving in addition to the obvious fact that the map is so bare and unfinished looking.


The player's need something to do while in the jail cell, even if it is just looking through pictures (think mini-banner computer, ala Leaving Los Alamos) or simply having some fixtures in the cell to break. Someone made the good suggestion of putting a nade powerup in there so prisoners have something to throw at the enemy. (The top of the cell has an opening for nading.)


The map is too wide. It has to have a lot of length though or the team's would be all over each other's spawns too quickly. A "U" shape like Conflict in Calcutta has might help this map a lot. More windows on interior walls would help you to know when you have passed by an enemy.


Too many big open areas and long halls for people to lean at the edge of. There are no furnishings obstructing the edges of walls anywhere so it really is a leaner's paradise.


A theme. That one's easy. "Cell Block N" because N is for Nolf.


Here it is: http://www.bzclan.com/dl/DD_Concept_Test.zip

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I had fun testing it with you guys yesteday, Zen! The map has loads of potential. My apologies to whomever I kept killing while locked in the chamber, I think it was Pepsi? :devilsmiley::angel:


You've already mentioned the important things that could be changed. A couple more obstructions would be nice. Love the nades in the chamber idea. Maybe some more ammo boxes too? I wonder, is there any way to shorten the decoding time? It seems to take real long, or maybe I'm just very impatient. :lol:

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