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NOLF2 1280x1024

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You should be able to set the resolution via the command line arguement.


to play the game in a window in the NOLF 2 game launcher, then click on options and in the Command-Line box type:


+windowed 1


then click "Always pass command line arguements to the game".


Also (though I personally haven't tried it verify it) you can go into your C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2 open up the display.cfg (save a backup of it first or remember the settings)


and change the display values. Again I personally haven't tried this one but have been told it works.


The display.cfg should contain something similar to the following



"GammaB" "1.000000"

"GammaG" "1.000000"

"GammaR" "1.000000"

"BitDepth" "32"

"HardwareCursor" "1"

"screenwidth" "1152" (change to the value you want)

"VSyncOnFlip" "1"

"screenheight" "864" (change to the value you want)


Hope that helps

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