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62 in 32

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Thats a great game by the rapist. The Fakers (like the Knicks) are going to do squat this year anyhow, so these little pearls of joy are nice. One question, how does Kobe shoot 25 foul shots...while the entire Dallas team shoots 30? Home cookin is how!


Allan Iverson>Kobe Bryant


Little Xmas card from me to you foxsy momma...



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Dont hate 'cause you couldnt get to work today because

all the taxi and subway workers went back to India :rolleyes:


Iversons good but he aint better then Kobe no way no how.


After the 3rd quarter, Kobe had 62 points and the 3rd best

team in the leauge had 61, hahahah, although if Kobe

had played in the 4th quater we couldve gotten over 80 no doubt :rolleyes:

and he aint even all huge like Shaq or Wilt so its not like all points were dunks.


KX, you suck at posting links. Oh and Lakers are making the playoffs...

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