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IP Range Banned

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If for some reason you suddenly cannot connect to the SFI DD server and your IP starts with 83.108.*.*... I had to ban that IP range to keep an annoying player out. Contact me if this affects you so I can let you back in. :)

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That wouldn't be M*****H**t wouldit? I've warned him repeatedly about his accusations. He is either A) To young to understand or B) To ___________ (fill in the blank). Sadly at a time when we need players we have to ban a person for constant badgering.

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Independent' date='Dec 17 2005, 09:16 AM' post='20429']

I'm not a violent person, but I think I would strangle the creators of that "song" with a smile on my face.



Don't you run around shooting people etc in the SFI DM server?


Isn't that a violent thing to do? :P

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Heh heh....Love Bullets.........N1 Indy........also..........

Cuddly Nanas

Kissable Nades

Adorable Rockets

Teasing tags

and SWALK with a sword B)

Edited by {SFI} ONYX
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