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Trouble in Ohio

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Hey fellow NOLFers,

I picked up NOLF2 last week and have been enjoying it greatly, up until the part where Cate leaves the creepy house in Akron and gets attacked by the Ninjas. I just can't seem to get past them! Santa says that Cate needs to find a new way out since the road is blocked, so I keep trying, but the Ninjas kill me before I can make any real progress. I found the supplies in the shed (body armor, shotgun, etc.) but even with those advantages, I'm stuck!! Can someone tell me how to get past this part? It's is driving me crazy! :blink:

Thank you,



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hey rosella,


welcome to unityhq. its good to see people are still buying nolf2 and enjoying it. well i can't personally help you with the level you're stuck on. i haven't played through SP for nolf2 in a long time. i know what level you're talking about, and all i remember is that there's a broken down fence that you can go through?


anyways, im sure someone will post a helpful walk-through for the level. feel free to join us in multiplayer. if you need help downloading the updates, mappacks, etc, feel free to ask around here.


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I remember that the exit is at the other end of the trailer park from where you jump out, and around some corner so it isn't easy to spot. When passing the loose power cord you should just continue straight ahead, in between some houses and to the left. I realize this isn't very specific but it might help? :bounce:


Anyway welcome again, I hope you willl stick around, play some DD or DM and enjoy the B) cool Nolf2 community.

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Hello and welcome to Unityhq Rosella here's the walkthrough for the section you are at.

It contains how to do that whole section so read as much of it as you need to etc


Diary Of A Double Agent

Location: Akron, Ohio

Turn on the lights. On your left you'll see a poster. Remove it and there's a button. It needs batteries to work. Explore the rest of this floor. You'll need to locate five tapes coded by colors: red, green, purple, orange, yellow - these are Melvin's audio memoirs. Open all the drawers that can be opened and cabinets as well. You'll also locate correspondence between a Mr Smith and Blitzny, which will trigger off an optional quest of finding more.


Go upstairs when you're done and explore. You should find more tapes as well as a tape recorder on the ground floor, which you can use to play those tapes. There are also more letters between Smith and Blitzny.


When you're done, go up to the first floor. The first room to the left has nothing much. The one after that is just a store. The last room on the left down the corridor is the room with the batteries (in a drawer) and a secret passage to the room right in the middle. Loot the place (locate the last tape) and then return downstairs. Listen to the tapes before going downstairs to use the batteries on the button.


This will open a secret door right behind you. Go through and loot the place. Once you locate evidence linking Blitzny to HARM, you'll hear Isako and her ninjas coming, so you'll have to escape.


There are quite a few ninjas to deal with so make sure to keep as quiet as possible if you don't want an ambush. Right up the stairs to the 1st floor are a few so take them out quickly. You can't get out the front doors so you'll need to use a window on the 1st floor. The only one open is in the toilet right opposite the bedroom, which seems to be also a store for Blitzny's old trade (vacuum cleaners). Before you go out, make sure you have enough armor. When you gear up, go out that window to load the next stage: Storm rolling in. Save!


Note: Armor is extremely important here as ninjas use metal weapons so without armour (as advised by the loading screen tip), your damage goes down helluva lot faster. I'd advise reducing difficulty here to easy as this is one place that's really crazy. Also, try and aim for the head always, even when using your katana, and strafe left and right constantly. I find engaging them with the katana a lot faster myself. Avoid them until they run out of shurikens and then melee with them. Don't bother looting the corpses as they now vapourise just as they hit the ground.


Try and get the ninjas from a distance by using all of your available shurikens and guns. Go to the front of the house and Santa will tell you that the main road is blocked. Fight off as many ninjas as you can and you'll see an electric pole collapse on the wooden fence of the first house to your left (if you are still at Melv's house). This will make a gap in the fence so go through that. Go along the back of the house and you'll see another gap in the fence. Go through to the next stage: Tornado trouble. Save!


Watch the cut scene and marvel at the twister!


The trick here is to run around and let the ninjas find you. Pick up whatever loot you can, especially bullets, armor and you can also pick up a shotgun. Don't stay in one place, and save often until you see the mission to defeat Isako.


After a while, your fight will take you into a house and you can see that the twister is also joining in the fun. The trick here is to stay in one corner of the house and let Isako appear and then only engage her as quickly as you can. Use your katana if you have one - does a lot more damage. There are two armour vests you can use to replenish within the house. Defeat her and watch the cut scene.

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A useful strategy for simply getting through this level is just run. Don't fight unless they are in your way, and then get them with one headshot and keep moving.


You need to go down the street, past a carport, into the backyards, through a shed, through more backyards, through a fence, and through another fence. Constant movement can keep you alive.


Ninjas hit you best when you stand still or when you move directly towards them or away from them. Diagonals and zigzags help.


Once you are used to this level, come back and try to get the intelligence (mostly mail on people's porches) and the Unity Handbook (on the front porch of the house you started in).

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