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John Lowrie Interview


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John Lowrie -The voice of Bruno,


Whose voice talents were used in No One Lives Forever 2 and many others top games, has graciously agreed to answer some of our member's questions in an email interview. If you have a question you would like to submit to be asked of John post it here.





Thanks Major for setting this up B)

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These are the questions we asked Jen Taylor, if you need an idea what to suggest:


1. Do you have any ambitions beyond voicing for games, such as providing movie voices or actual acting?


2. Do you play games yourself? If so, what are you favorite games?


3. Are you planning to purchase F.E.A.R. or any other games due to be released soon?


4. Of all the characters you've given voice to, do you have a personal favorite? If so, why?


5. Are you currently working on the voicing for a new game?


6. Do you ever play the multiplayer for No One Lives Forever 1, 2 or Contract JACK? If so, could you share the name you use with us so we could say 'hi'?


7. Can you confirm if there will be a NOLF3?


8. If so, would you provide the voice of Cate Archer in it?


9. Do you know what H.A.R.M is short for?


10. Are you still in contact with the development crew from NOLF1, 2 or Contract JACK? Do you know if any of them ever spend any time playing the games?


11. Did you get to work along side the other voice people, such as the persons that voiced Armstrong or John Jack's characters?


12. Did you tape the dialogue for each character separately or were there times when you 'switched' voices to record the whole scene at one? For example, the scene when Isako and Cate had a conversation in the trailer park.


13. Who did you study as examples for Kate, Isako, etc.? Where and how did you learn the British/Japanese



14. What extra scenes did you record for that never ended up in the game?


15. In conclusion, a silly question... If you were trapped on a desert island and could only have three things, what would they be?

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Ok I'll start off.


1. Did your work on the Nolf series open up more opportunities for you as an actor?

(I notice your name is listed in the HL2 credits)



2. What was it like to work with the other actors? Do you know some of them beyond "work"? If so does that help when working with them?

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Let's just try to not sound like super obessed geeks this time. Just one, possibly two NOLF questions.


Keep the desert island question in. It's a classic.


How about:

- Are you working on any good projects at the moment?

- How did you get into voice acting?

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Will here be a NOLF3? (Only question I care about.)



Keep in mind these people (Jen and John) are voice actors and are not affiliated with the game development at Monolith. To ask them questions about Nolf 3 or things game development in nature are going to get answers like "Well I don't know"


This is a chance to get to know the person who helped bring the character to life in the game.

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Do you get annoyed when people from the games you've done want to waste your valuable time and ask you questions about something you could give a Rats 'donkey' about? About a game you don't play? About a game you were probably hammered on Gin & Tonics the entire time you worked on them?


(only question I care about :P)

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Lets find out where Monolith places voice recording in their game developmemnt time line.



1.) Do you recall when you did the voice work for NOLF2? What year? What month?




2.) Do you remember how long your voice recordings took? A week? Two weeks? A month?




3.) Do you recall how far in advance Monolith contacted you before they brought you into the studio?

Was it the same for NOLF1 as NOLF2?



4.) Did your recording sessions last a full day or just part of a day? Does this vary much from one game

developer to another or is there a standard?




5.) Were any of the other voice actors present during your recording sessions?






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