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nameless players


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Ok........Lately it's been a couple of nameless players in nolf.

They all play at the same time and I think I know who it is.

Like I read in a different topic about players called "da Godz"

and im pretty sure "da Godz" are the same players as those nameless ones.

Ping is the same but only one problem here.

How do I check a nameless players IP? Cant even boot them or bann them

without knowing their IP...



Heeeeelppppppppp :P





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In your SCMD command list (assuming you're logged into SCMD) run the listclients command. Player name or not they are still assigned a client number. Simply ban/boot etc the number/numbers with no player name associated with them.


SCMD command


Example: You are logged into SCMD through a client connected to a

dedicated server, and one of the other players becomes abusive. With SCMD,

you can boot the player through your client like this:


Type "SCMD listclients". This will display text similar to the following:


Client List format: clientid) [name][ping][ip]

0) [smiley][0][]

1) [Cheater][80][123.456.789.012]

2) [Player0][120][321.654.987.210]


From here, you can type "SCMD bootname Cheater", or "SCMD bootid 1" to

remove the problem player from the server.


Then, if the player logs in again and continues to cause trouble, you can

locate his IP address from the client list, and then ban that IP. For

instance, if the IP address was 123.456.789.012, you would ban it by typing

"SCMD addban 123.456.789.012


You can also skip that step and do a BanClient (example BanClient 1 to ban client 1)

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Thanks but when I log into scmd and type "listclients" I still cant see the nameless players IP. Maybe im blind...


Also, how do I scroll up and down in the clients list because it shows like 8 players only even if theres a full server.





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sadly there's no way to scroll up to see all 16 players in a server. i asked e1 about this and she said there's some pattern to the way the client numbers are assigned. i think its alternates between the teams? like 1 would be a blue player, 2 would be a red player, etc etc. you'd have to figure it out through process of elimination.

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You can scroll in the scmd... it's either the 'page up' or the 'up arrow' key, I forget which.



the page up and page down buttons will allow you to scroll the client id's.


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And today another nameless player with this IP:


[134] []



Who ever you are with that IP you really suck..Too afraid to use a name while you're rude to the other players.

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