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Patch Notes May 17th

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Greetings Adventurers,

This week we will be adding Specialty Furniture Workshops in Tarif, Florin, & Arehaza. Additionally a High Resolution Screenshot Function will be added along with Minor bug fixes and class changes This patch will be ~2GB.

* Updated on 18-05-2017:
Item changes - Mechanic changes


  • The Tulip Screenshot Contest winners have had their pictures added to the game's loading screen.
    • A total of 4 loading screens will be available in the game.


  • Introducing a new feature: The Settings Depository, where you can save and load personalized settings.
    • Click Settings Depository in the bottom left of the Game Settings to upload and download settings.
    • All settings on all characters, UI, skill slots will be saved.
    • Your screen may be reloaded while downloading the settings.
  • High-resolution screenshot has been added to Game Settings > Display.
    • You can take high-resolution screenshots by pressing PrintScreen. If your graphic card permits, screenshots can be 4K or even higher in resolution regardless of your current in-game graphic setting.
      • In order to take normal screenshots, choose “current resolution.”
      • Up to 8K resolution is supported.
      • If your graphic card does not support 4K or 8K, normal screenshots will be captured.
      • It may take a few seconds to process high-resolution screenshots. Please be cautious when using this feature during combat.
      • You can directly set the screenshot as wallpaper after taking it.
  • You can choose to display Family or Character name in the chat window.
    • When you whisper to another character, you can choose to display your Family or Character name.
    • You can see the distinction between Family and Character name on sent whisper chats.
    • Existing chat block list will not work anymore.
    • You can set a new chat block list after this update to block all characters in a family.
  • Timestamps have been added to chat window.
    • Tick the box to see timestamps in the chat window.
  • You can switch between chat tabs with a shortcut.
    • If you have multiple tabs in the chat window, you can switch between them with a shortcut.
    • It is set to PageUp/PageDown by default, which can be configured in Game Settings > UI Hotkey.
  • You can adjust the window size with mouse in the window mode.
    • Place the cursor on the corner of the game window and drag to adjust the size.
    • You cannot adjust the size during game loading, cut-scenes, or while displaying the world map.
  • You can check the horse market from the world map.
    • Click on the horse market button to see the listing.
    • You cannot buy horses or collect money from the world map view.
    • You can adjust the effect opacity from Game Settings > Display.
    • You can adjust the focus effect during combat from Game Settings > Display.
      • You can configure the sudden color change effect when a combat happens. Lower this option to alleviate eye strains.
    • You can toggle the sound effect from the corporate logo displayed while loading the game client.

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