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Map flaws and game glitches


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It's come to my attention that some are still useing map flaws. I realize it's said to be good for these to be known, but not to use. I've compiled a list of all the flaws, glitches and bugs I know of in DD and DM. Now one can't use the excuse ' I was just showing this guy ' because they could just direct 'that guy' to Unity to read up on this topic.




-Siberian Strife-

-In base, up path to hill one can jump on the mountain to the right.


-In base, up path to hill one can jump on the mountain to the left.


-In base, in corner where rock meets fence, one can nade-revive over fence.


-Also one can nade-revive on a base sign near senter of map to get to same forest.


-In under-hill base one can crouch-jump into ceiling on ratiator near phos ammo.


-On top of hil one can jump onto mountain from steps near pathway's gate and walk around on highest mountain.



-Conflict in Calcutta-

-In base, one can crouch-jump in any window including one that allows gernades to be thrown into red base.


-One can nade-revive onto tin walk ways set above tommy across from rocket.


-One can also nade-revive onto tin above acid nades near blue base.


-One can also nade-revive onto tin off wagon in red base near rifle.



-Judgement in Japan-

-One can nade-revive onto tree near base window and jump onto wall or to above windows.


-One can also nade-revive onto tree in corner of base and jump onto wall.


-Near AK outside of base on can nade-revive off pop(soda)-machine onto roof tops.


-One may lean through wall while crouched at red base's rocket shooting either east or west.


-Some may consider this a map flaw: A banana may be placed between the steping stone and Hut with AK and nades.



-Oceanic Opposition-

-One may crouch-jump in tunnel near rocket and shoot others.


-One may do the same under box w/ rifle in either corner of map or with stairs on acid nades.


-It's highly unlikely, but has happened in the past that one is revived just after suicide and lands smack dab on the sub in the middle.



-Russian Rampage-

-One may jump onto generator next to rockets and then onto roof about phos.


-One can crouch-jump on walk way in garage above truck-bed and see through roof.


-From rifle tower one can jump out the window and run across wall and jump to any place in proximity.


-One can jump over fence near mobile-jump and go into forest.


-One can nade-revive a either the back exit of base or near bear traps at the bridge into the forest.


-One can crouch-jump under bridge on support and shoot.


-One can also crouch-jump under any truck and see through bed.



-Violence in the Villa-

-One can crough-jump in blue base's kitty room and see the main lounge plainly.



-Antarctic Aggression-

-One may concider this a texture flaw: One may plant a banana under the steps in base.


-One may concider this a texture flaw: One can shoot through tin for a lucky kill.


-One may also jump onto the ledge at the top of the stairs out side red base and get on the roof/on outside of fence.





-One can jump and climb to the top of the middle mountain.




-One can crouch-jump in any under-wood walkway.


-One if experienced enough, the can place a tag between the hut and stepping stone w/ out tagging themselves.




-In the hut w/ exp shout gun one can crouch-jump on the bed to see through the roof.




If you have anymore or find a mistake, please - do tell and I'll edit the post.

Edited by Belladonna
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My reason for posting this is, I was told it's okay to show people these things. I figure, if I post them all, then there is no reason to show others IN game. That way there's no way one will need to be booted for useing one of these. Even if they say they're just showing someone else, and not useing it for an advantage - one can just come and look at this topic in stead of useing it in game.

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I think some may find it too tempting to try it out in game play. The last thing we need to be doing is running around trying to verify someone isn't using a glitch------->accusations start flying, feelings get hurt, lots of pissing and moaning, patience is tested, members get sick of it and leave.


policing the game is no fun....better to just get in and enjoy playing


besides, I can always say " I never read your post "

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i agree with RXS. can you just clear this with the admins/moderators of unity first. most people dont even take the time to figure out flaws, and now they're published for them.


i know for sure e1 wont allow the cheat sequences. she deleted them before in other threads.

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I went through and deleted the cheating info but the posts detailing the off map areas and map issues is fine to remain. Most of us know these already anyway. Frylock did approach me beforehand about posting the information.



Playing in these areas or abusing these map glitches WILL GET YOU BANNED! It is considered cheating.


I also suggest that if you want to explore these areas you should host your own map and play around in private. If there are a bunch of people in a server playing, it's going to be assumed you're cheating, so just don't go there.


My reason for allowing this to be posted is to enlighten everyone who's been killed in game under suspicious circumstances. Now there's an explanation for that rocket coming at you from the middle of a wall. Don't be quick to yell accusations of cheating, though. Just keep watching the person then bring your complaint to the admin of the server you're in, hopefully with screenshots if possible.

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Not like I know who that certain person is or anything :lol: , but it still is down-right sneaky. Good points have been brought up on both sides of this thread. As for me just knowing where the glitches are answers alot of questions. I don't need to try them to see. Its about the GAME not the cheats.

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Sneaky is one thing, outright cheating is another. Tags are meant to be placed in a manner that doesn't allow the opposing team to see them. :) They are meant as deterents aren't they?

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Sneaky is one thing, outright cheating is another. Tags are meant to be placed in a manner that doesn't allow the opposing team to see them. :) They are meant as deterents aren't they?


Yeah thats true, but its the fact that they are impossible to shoot unless you have a grenade; which arent the most abundant weapon in the map.


By the way, did someone edit my last post? I totally do not remember saying the last few sentences. :blink:

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