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Wigga, Please!

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Sounds like another radio hit to me!


This has to be the stupidest thing ever.

I havent felt this sorry for someone since

Factor made that post about 9/11, or Blue

being bugged by my spelling errors :lol:


Raps already dead, now their spitting in its grave.


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This is exactly why white trash should never be allowed to be famous. Even when she was younger B.Spears was a greasy pork wrind eating fat body, disguised in the body that the Hollywood machine created. Please tell me ladies what does her loser bring to the table? I mean can you see a music producer giving him the thumbs up from behind the glass, as he is singing into the mic at the studio. MAGIC BABY, PURE MAGIC! :D

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Not that i really care about celebrities,

but really, i thought shed end up with ashton kutcher or somethin :huh:

i bet its going to be a hit, gonna start playing in madison square garden

Knix games :lol:

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