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german "readme" for the editor?

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Hi all

does anyone knows if there is a readme or manual available in german for the editor for NOLF2? I am interested in making new coop-maps but I have to say, that I never have made a map before for any other games.

Is help possible? B)

greetings Vera

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Just a quick, short answer from me since here are peeps who can answer this way better than me:


- I'm pretty sure that there are at least no official German docs for DEDIT. And a good command of english will be neccessary for using the tools I think.


- From all game mode maps possible, I reckon coop-maps are the most difficult to make. As far as I know, you would have to make a mod to use them (or use the singleplayer mission trick with your map which is described in several places on the net, and here in some thread by me). Not impossible that for this you will have to compile the sources, do some amount of C++ programming, will need Visual C++ etc... DM, TDM or DD maps' .rez files on the other hand can simply be copied into the ressources directory.


Be sure to download the custom mappacks here and take a look at the maps. I hope you'll try to make maps!


Finally, a link to neo's website. There is an unfinished new coop map included in the Chaos mod found in the download section (based on the custom map Cable Car Station).


EDIT: Link to his site now, not only the screenshots-frame

Neo's Custom Map Site



Here's a link to links to lotsa help with DEDIT. Not sure if those links are linked here somewhere. Just check them out. :)


Link directly into Spawnsite's Forums Useful DEDIT links thread

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