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Co-op "Contract J.A.C.K." No mod, no patch, only 2 txt-files /Test version/

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Cooperative game of all single missions.



Create the server Co-op from the standard server Deathmatch. No mod, no patch only 2 txt-files

1. Create COOP profile

2. Installing the Dedicated Server "DM" with COOP profile

3. Unzip the archive COOP_CJ_v1.zip to Game folder
Download COOP_CJ_v1.zip ( 18 Kb ) here:

4. Launch the Dedicated Server "Coop" with COOP profile


Read readmy_COOP.txt from Archiv COOP_CJ_v1.zip


Files from the archive COOP_CJ_v1.zip are copied only to the server Co-op.
Players do not need to install any files for Co-op, but Server and Players need for on-line Patch NOLF_NOL2_ContractJACK_hosts_Patch_1_1.exe

Download Patch NOLF_NOL2_ContractJACK_hosts_Patch_1_1.exe HERE:

In the archive COOP_CJ_v1.zip the text files MPMissions.txt, default_campaign.txt, and the folder Option_Coop. The multiplayer file MPMissions.txt is a copy file MISSIONS.TXT from the Game.rez folder. The default_campaign.txt file in the \ Profiles \ COOP \ DM_Campaigns \ folder. Defines the number of missions (6 missions) and their sequence. The properties of these files are set to "read only".

To remove the cO-OP mode from the game, remove MPMissions.txt file and restart the game. Standard file MPMissions.txt will be automatically restored after restarting the game. If you have any problems, remove launchcmds.txt file from game folder and restore the default settings: Shortcut Game - Options - Restore Default - Ok - Play

Problems Co-op
- At the beginning of the first mission, do nothing for 1 minute

- In the third mission m03s01, the HOST needs to enter a command of high jumps into the Dedicated Server's window:
jumpspeed 1.3
This is to ensure that players after the spawn were able to jump over the gate and return to the game. After passing the 3rd Mission,

you need to return normal jumps to the team Dedicated Server:
jumpspeed 0.9
- You can not start the server at the same time "Co-op" and the server DM (TDM, DD)
- You can not respawn your friend.
- The Co-op, the game can not be saved.
- Only one respawn point at the beginning of the episode of each mission
- Motorcycle is unavailable after respawn.
- Some episodes are not available after respawn.

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