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Europe vs USA


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Is anybody here interested in this game? Only clanmembers can take part in this from all clans there is of course! So sign up :D It'll be fun fun B)


November 20th 2005 (It's a sunday)


3 pm EST


Nolf survivors doomsday server


8 vs 8


best 3 of 5 maps


Maps played: Calcutta, Japan, Villa, Aggression, Rampage



Team Europe:


1) Moody


3) A.Bullit

4) Doffy

5) NiXsa

6) Surak

7) Leesy

8) Scorpio (if he have time)



Team America:


1) Otomatsu

2) SkiZZor

3) Lodingi

4) Mystic Guru

5) FoXsy

6) Mathy

7) Spwnman

8) RXS


Now sign up :D

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Beware of CAPITALISTS carrying big STICKS :duel:


Sorry Major....its genetic :)


As far as signing up goes....i'm gonna wait and see who else signs up first. ;)



This is a good idea though. I remember we did this in ST....and when all was said and done, the Euro's looked like Berlin circa '45 :P.



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I don't remember the specifics Nixsa. All I remember was when it was over, there was alot of crying in funny sounding languages, and the smell of sulfer in the air. Granted that last part could have been my fault :P.


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