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Halloween Custom Weekend!


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Let's have some fun this spooky weekend!! :happy1:


Don't do the same old Doomsday... go do some tricking (no treating) in the UnityHQ Custom DM Server!!


Don't use the same old skin... put on a costume! Use a skin you'd normally never wear!! :mistique:


Don't use your name... change it to something creepy for Halloween!! I have dibs on Elvira! :diablo:


Not sure if you have the maps to play? Then go on over to the website (www.unityhq.net) and download the big UnityHQ mappack and the Fall2005 mappack. Put those in your Resources folder and you're good to go, nearly every custom map to this date is in those. :rocket:


Come on and have a Halloweeny fun time!


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I finally reloaded NOLF2 (and patches) on my rebuilt machine. Thanks for reminding me on maps


I will give it a try :)



KEWL !!!

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Kewl beans indeed. I will try to stop by tomorrow.


Although as scary costumes go you should all have been there tonight when some friends and I did an Indian party - with turbans, veils, guirlanders, balloons, saris, Bollywood music remixes, spicy food (15 green chili peppers on 7 people *cough*), dancing, Indian beer and so on and so on. Kitchy as hell but ever so fun!

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Had scaaaaary fun too with succubus and Röllispoeky(Swedish daemon or what termin?)

The costums look incredible professional...congrats to the mapmakers....

The Gothic is a hellish good one.......and all others too of course

If u meet {SFI}FRANKSTEIN muahhahaaa its me :rip_1:

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