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January 2017 Community Showcase

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Happy Lunar New Year! Welcome to the community showcase, where we celebrate our favorite projects, activities, and other fan works created by Guild Wars 2 players. Read on to check out some of the amazing fan works on display in the Community Showcase Live livestream, and tune in monthly on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel for even more player contributions!

Atomic Soldier submitted this glowing piece to say happy new year. Right back at you!

Flakkenmarsh made this cuddly quaggan as a birthday present for their friend! Remember to feed your favorite quaggan tiny shrimp in moderation.

Starrifyx made a mark on their guild’s holiday giveaway with an adorable quaggan stamp.

You can never have too much blue, as Done by Dani’s gorgeous sylvari portrait proves.

Lioka Qiao composed a heart-wrenching theme for their character: a chronomancer whose powers of time manipulation can’t quite undo her husband’s tragic death.


We love seeing fans’ works of art, creativity, and community organization from around the world. Keep up the excellent work! Hungry for more Guild Wars 2 fan projects? Ready to show off your own? Head to the official Guild Wars 2 Tumblr and read up on the submission guidelines! You can submit your works via the Guild Wars 2 Tumblr, by tweeting @GuildWars2, or in a post on the official Community Creations subforum.

Check out the recording below to see all the fan works in this month’s episode of Community Showcase Live!


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