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Thoughts on World Co-op

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Hey guys. =)


I'm curious about peoples thought's on the subject of World Co-op Nolf 2.

What do I mean? Well.. =P Basically a hub level simulating a suburb or a small city as such below.

- This would always be the 'home' map.
- This would have the 'outers' of the buildings relevant to the 'levels' which would use the nolf 2 transition system, entering the doorway of say a 'prison' would of course give you the level change indicator and take you there.

- Posibilitys:

- Airport:Plane to elsewhere
- Subway (in pic below too) Stationary train with transition to another railway station elsewhere.
- Since file size isn't an issue with an average nolf2 map being tiny, this could be cloned several times with changes made.
- IE: After completing 3 of the levels, when returning to the main map here, its cloned and now has a new better apartment (maybe with weapons locker and now a new weapontype for all) and the old apartment having its door now locked forever.

- Trams as transport on some roads.

- Use of vehicles around the roads (Well snowmobile isn't ideal in a city setting...)

A little about the screenshot below:

I had furthered this with transitions to inside a post office mail sorting centre and a hidden unity hq, as well as a few fanciful buildings filling in the city blocks. It ran fine with a fairly high poly count.


Post your thoughts about this if you have any.

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