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world series

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i personally think that the Astros are going to lose...

i dunno, even with the pitchers they have lined up for these next two games... i think they are gonna choke...and its gonna be White Sox vs Cards


if thats the case, i think Cards will win in 6...

if the Astros pull out the win, i think its gonna be White Sox in 7...


those are my picks :D


and bella, teams left right now...


[White Socks clinched spot in World Series beating Angels 4-1]

[Astros and Cardinals are still playing, Astros up 3-2]

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hahaha :P


Blue, nice lil sig/avatar combo...its very "happenin" :P


um, Fox...Dodgers could make the playoffs in '06...seeing as top team in their division cant even pull a .500 record...but world series, wont come till '08...


they got a young team that can do good a little later...but not soon ;)

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Jacques! How is Tennesse? Your host family buy you your first pair of overalls yet? BTW there is no such thing as a "bad" Home Run. Hope you are having a good time mon ami. Remember to keep your hands away from the pig's mouth. While cute, they do bite. ;).



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