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NOLF1 Dedit Error


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Hi, I have mapped in the past for NOLF1 in Dedit. This is the first time I have had problems!! I process my map and everything and I get something about a CSave error...I try to Run the map and it loads...and loads....and loads....and loads.....well you get the picture, IT NEVER LOADS!! Then I go back and try to process again and (made log file this time) I get:


Processing C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever\NOLF\PREFABS\**CENSOURED**ed




Date: 10/15/05, Time: 01:22:22


This machine has 1 processor.


Using 0 threads.


Max detail level: 10000.


Getting objects from ED file.


Internal error! (Old file format?)


So...what do I do? Please help! I also had another question, after I get the thing goin again, how do you make the different ground types sound different? I mean...a tile sound on grass? Lol thanks!




I got the first error message I get when I try to process it says:


Loading DAT file for PVS generator.

Making PVS.

ERROR IN CPreWorld::SaveFile!

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been a long time 4 me and n1 editer but try

deleteing the dat NOT the ed then save and process

or try save world as "give a new name" save and pocess

be sure u have 1 wolrd properties and its in the level

and the level is sealed


hope that helps if not ask wiky or coty or spydave

they know much more tham me


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