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NOLF ModHandler v2.0.1


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Not really sure if anyone actually uses a mac here, but just incase...


Hey all, I recently finished a new, and probably the last, version of my Mac .REZ loader for NOLF1-2 (created because the mac versions of NOLF1 and 2 are either nearly impossible or a pain to load custom mods for the manual way).


NOLF ModHandler v2.0.1



What's New?

-Now handles the initializing of NOLF2 in a much more professional, less "hackish" way.

-Added some error handling code

-Fixed numerous small bugs and a few critical errors

-Will no longer allow you to load more mods than is acceptable in NOLF1

-NOLF ModHandler is now a Mac OSX native (MACH-O) application for better compatibility with Tiger


Thanks To

Vi: Without you figuring out how to hack NOLF2 to load custom .REZs I'd never have been able to make NOLF ModHandler load custom .REZs for NOLF2

FinalMoon: Suggestions, support, and general help.

fortrandragon: For alerting me to several incompatibilities with Mac OS 10.4.


Anyhow, hope somone finds this useful.

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