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Increase the speed (FPS) of the game NOLF 2

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If you have Nvidia graphics card, You need configure your graphics card.
Go to Nvidia control panel and turn ON vertical sync and turn off anisotropic filtering for Lithtech.exe
NVIDIA Control Panel - Menage 3D settings – Program Settings – Add - Lithtech.exe
Lithtech.exe file is located in the main game folder NOLF2
See image for the game DIABLO, for the game NOLF2 similarly.
This method works well for game Contract J.A.C.K.




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There should be a way to do this in the AMD drivers, but it isn't necessary to do it that way.


You can change the options in-game:

Options -> Display -> V Sync, and

Options -> Performance -> Display -> Anisotropic Filtering


I would suspect that if your video card is new in the last five years or so you can set all the options to their maximum with no problems. Run the Test Settings option and you ought to be told you can increase the settings. Such is the improvements in graphics card technologies. ^_^





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Added images to show options locations
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